Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Easter 2017 (Spring Break Part 3)

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday!  It was busy as usual.  We were able to host part of a family from church for lunch.  It is fun to have extra people in the house for big meals.  I was up late prepping food for the Easter breakfast and for lunch. It was much like Christmas food prep, filled with excitement for the day ahead.  It differed from Christmas because our big meal on Christmas Eve is before church and I can be home prepping the meal.  I ran home three times during the morning to check on things, but it was still stressful and led to some overcooked food, but everything was edible. After lunch the kids had great fun playing with their friends and we even hid some eggs with skittles inside.  I am pretty stingy with candy so each kid got 6 or 8 eggs and each egg had 1 skittle inside.  Plenty of sugar for my kids.  It was nice weather for an outdoor hunt which is somewhat rare in our area.  It is wonderful to celebrate the Resurrection of our King with our church family.  

We actually remembered to get a family picture on Easter. 

Great friends.  J and T are now buddies... miracles happen!

M and T: We love our Corey!

Ready to dig in!

A beautiful day for an egg hunt!!!

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