Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lost Teeth, Sweet Dates, Tall Towers, and More

Behind on blogging again... this time my reason is partially different than usual.  I have been reading,  A LOT!  I caught a reading bug when we were in Mexico and have read at least eight books since we have returned home. I mentioned in the previous post that I am going to try for a post a day this month.  Why not through another commitment onto my to do list, right?  Actually blogging is calming for me and reminds me of the joy in life, and remembering joy is a treasure worth spending time on. 

When we returned home from Mexico M had two very loose teeth.  He went to school the next day and came home with a hole in the front of his mouth.  The other front tooth was so loose that is sort of looked like it was in the middle.  It was fun to see his jack-o-lantern smile.  It didn't last long, as he lost the other front tooth at the end of the week!  As I write this, his new teeth are coming in quite well.  He looks much more grown up now.  

My Jack-O-Lantern son!

All I want for Easter is my two front teeth.

Sometimes while M and I are at therapy, T and Brandon go out on dates.  They both love the Chinese buffet.  T loves to say "Hello my name is" in Chinese.  We try to get her to say T at the end but she won't.  It is pretty funny. 
T: I sure do love my handsome date. 
T wasn't the only one on a date.  M's friend L invited him to join her for a special lunch at school.
M: It was very special to eat lunch with L!
One more sweet date to chat about.  No, it wasn't Brandon and I although we did have many sweet dates in Mexico.  T made a little eating spot in her bedroom for her and her animal friends.  She didn't have a table, but a blade from a ceiling fan got the job done.

T: I love making fancy things in my room. 
T is our builder.  There are more posts about this to come, but today's post I will show you some of her creations.

T: I feel like it needs something else.

T: What do you think Daddy?  Should I add something else?

M: The ambulance is a great addition. T: Will it stay?
T: It stayed!
After the tower it was on to Magnatiles.

T: I love this castle. 
Here are a few more photos from this time frame.

M and T:  E helped us collect hundreds of baby pinecones. 
T: I LOVE to put on concert!
T: I decided to display some of my craft girls.  I only kept them up for a couple of hours, but they sure looked nice!

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