Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Magic starts with M!

The kids and I had a pretty special adventure while Grandma Judy and Grandpa Tom were visiting.  Our local library hosted a magic show and we went to check it out.  It was a very quality production.  We had so much fun!  For the finale of the show the magician chose a child levitate and he chose M to be his assistant.  M was thrilled and did a great job.  I was there and truly don't know how he did it!  

A highlight for me was sitting next to my amazing friend Charissa who was willing to take photos and video for me.  She is pretty awesome. 

M watching the show with his buddy A. 
M: First he lifted me up on to this table thing.

M: Then he wrapped me up so people could see underneath the table. 
M: Once I was wrapped up he said he was going to remove the stands from under the table!

M: Then he removed them and I was floating on the air!

M: It was CRAZY!!!!  (The stands are well behind him.  This photo was taken by the librarian.)
M: Then he put the stands back under me and I got down and everyone clapped. 

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