Friday, June 9, 2017

Many Barbie Houses

My sweet T loves building and Barbies.  She combines her passions often to create some great Barbie homes.  Before I describe the homes I want to acknowledge many posts are featuring T.  She was home while M was at school so there more photos of her.  I also remember when she first came home and napped all the time many posts featured M.  Kids, you are both dearly loved and both got to have special time with me alone at some point in your lives (remember my children are the primary reason I blog so I want to prevent arguments when I can).  OK, on to the houses. 

The first house is really a big boat that all the Barbies are one.  It had many levels with lots of Barbies all together in the lower level.  It sort of reminded me of immigrants coming to America long ago.  

The "boat" from one view.  The pillows were part of it, but I am not sure why.

The side view.  See the box under the lid, full of Barbies crammed together. 

The next house was made possible with Trader Joes wine boxes and an Aldi Banana box!

T: I loved this house!

The we figured, why not combine Barbies and Magnatiles!

T: Mommy and I had so much fun!

T: I designed this big table so the Barbies could stand and eat. 

T: Do you like my nursery and bedroom? 

T: Here is the living room. 

T: I like to move things around quite a bit, just for fun. 
T: I moved a lot of tiles and now I can lay in my Barbie house!  

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