Friday, June 16, 2017

School Fun

The end of the school year is filled with special events for families to attend.  M's school does a family picnic and his class had a reader's theater.  He also had a Lake day I attended and I was able to read to his class on the last day of school.  T's class did a park day I was able to attend.  It was quite a busy last week.  I need to remember this next year! 

M ditched us at the picnic and Brandon was surprised to find a text with this photo on his phone.  These kiddos are some of his best buddies. 

M: Playing with good friends is the best!

M was so proud to have us come to Reader's Theater.  He was a part of two different books and one poem.  His class is full of great readers and we could tell they were all having fun!

A story about planets

If You Take a Mouse to School

Great job 1st Graders!

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