Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Weekday adventures (part 2)

After a busy start to Spring Break week, the fun just continued.  On Monday we cashed in on a Christmas gift we received from some great friends.  We tried our hand at Sky Zone, an area trampoline park.  We all had fun and laughed a lot, and jumped a lot and even tried a little ninja warrior thing which I was able to do fairly OK at.  It was so warm that morning, like 79 in April, so we had the place almost to ourselves which is the way we like it.  There was no waiting and lots of jumping!

The temperatures took a nosedive while we were there and by the time we left they were 20 degrees cooler and falling. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for lunch on the way home.  What a fun filled day!  

A family of jumpers (after 2 hours of jumping)

T: I LOVED the climbing wall. 

M: I was scared, but it was fun. 

T: I can't believe we are supposed to hit each other. 

Success, they both managed to stand. 

M: I might of had a chance, but I just couldn't seem to stand up straight for long. 

T: I liked being in the pit with Daddy. 

Jumping and flipping!

M and T: We were both in the air. 

M: I tried for a slam dunk.

One final family bounce. 

Once we got home M got busy reading.  Between Sunday and Tuesday morning he read an entire chapter book.  We were proud of him because this is the first one he had done on his own that wasn't part of book club or accelerated reading.  He just read for fun!  Yay!  

M: I love mystery books. 

M: I couldn't stop.

M: I finished it!
On Tuesday we hosted playgroup at our house.  There were a lot of kiddos which led to some sensory issues for one child and some sharing issues for another.  It was a bit stressful for mama, but we made it through.  T started to feel under the weather on Tuesday afternoon and actually fell asleep in the kitchen during dinner that night. 

T:  I didn't even know I was sleeping during dinner. 

On Wednesday T was feeling perfect, so we headed north to spend the day with Charissa and her family.  We went to a story time at a library that was new to us and then went on a long walking/biking adventure which led us to a park on the Lake.  Beautiful views!  I am so thankful for good friends.  We listened to A to Z mysteries which made the driving go so quickly. 

On Thursday we headed south to spend the day with good friends from our seminary days.  The dad's worked, but the moms talked and the kids (9 of them) had great fun playing.  Well, the baby slept, but the rest played.  Our kids love this family and we so appreciate their giving hearts and wonderful hospitality.  The kids came home with many parting gifts which they were very thrilled with.  More A to Z mysteries in the van made the long drive go quickly. 

On Friday we headed north once again.  We spent the day with some great friends that we met because of adoption.  The other mom and I talked and talked.  H is one of the wisest women I know and I just treasure our times together.  Our kids LOVE playing with their kids.  It was such a fun day.  We listened to an I Survived book in the van.  A little intense for some, but it led to good conversations. Once we got home it was time for a quick dinner and then over to church for Good Friday services. 

On Saturday I got out for a walk with Brandon took over kid duty times five.  Some friends of ours have three girls.  The dad was on worship team and the mom was helping care for a relative far away so Brandon stepped in.  The kids had a blast.  After the friends left the kids dyed Easter Eggs and did some egg art.  M was done in about 4 minutes and T continued for about 15 minutes.  So much work for the time, but T loved it and, if we had endless eggs she could still be working on her creations. 

Check back tomorrow and see the highlights from Easter Sunday. 

M and T: We love playing with J, R, and A!
So much fun!

M: First I drew pictures with crayons. 

T: I drew too. 

Time to dip them in the dye. 

M: Check out my eggs!  (Check out that smile)

T: Can we do this all day? 

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