Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ziplock bags of crazy!

As most of you know our Sweet T is a bit of a hoarder!  She loves her stuff.  She loves having stuff and organizing it and using it and hauling it.  You just never know when it might come in handy.  She was obsessed with wearing this almost winter jacket through the spring.  It was reversible and she thought that was cool, or at least that is what she told me.  I did notice that it felt heavy, but since she is an avid rock collector I thought se had a rock in each pocket.  

One day T came home in tears and explained that her teacher had emptied her coat pockets.  She then pulled out a very full quart ziplock bag.  We should have done some unboxing photos, but I did take the time to count the lip glosses and I can report that there were SEVEN.  That is more than I have ever owned.  The blue thing on top is a stuffed animal whale.  Oh this girl.  The coat had pockets on both sides.  No wonder she wanted to wear it. 

T: I NEEDED that stuff at school mom!  
Another day another ziplock bag came home.  This bag is even more hilarious.  This bag was full of mulch and worms!  She collected them at the park and brought them home.  Oh my sweet princess girl.  I am so glad that you don't mind digging for worms, but please leave them at the park!  We did have to tell he that they belonged the park and that the mama robins would be looking for them.  That is pretty much truth, right?

LOTS of worms and mulch!  

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