Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A new season!

As I weeded this morning I was quite aware that the air felt, smelled and sounded like fall, but that is not the new season I am referring to!  I have started a new season in life, one that I am appreciating and thanking God for more and more every day.  My sweet baby T started all day every day Kindergarten last week.  I am now kid free during the school hours.  Wow!  It feels so amazing!
The fall is a very busy time at church.  I have gotten to help out with a huge administrative project, a ton of weeding, and some adoption fundraiser work.  I have been trying to pack so much in the first weeks that there are times my house looks worse than ever.  I am enjoying the work, but also looking forward to tackling years and years worth of projects at home as well as my severely neglected blog.

I have enough photos to blog every day through October, I am not joking!  We will see if that actually happens, but I am hopeful.  I will be signing out of FB for much of the school year by October 1st!  FB is lovely, but takes time that I would rather devote to other projects.  I know blogging is pretty old school, but I much appreciate old school!

I am excited to share all of our summer adventures with you in the weeks to come!  Check back daily to see what is new with our family (or rather what was new with us in June)!

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