Saturday, September 16, 2017

Grandparents for Father's Day!

As mentioned in the previous post, my parents were able to come to T's recital at the end of Crazy Week!  After coming home we picked M up from Park (the activity is called "Park" at meets at a park).  He was VERY excited to see Grandpa Daryl walking towards him at the park!  We didn't take any photos on Friday night, but we enjoyed spending time together, eating, and attempting to relax after such a crazy week.  I am so thankful that I have long ago given up trying to get the house perfect before family comes!

Saturday morning had us up early with some loud entertainment outside.  M couldn't wait to watch the big trucks in his PJ's. 

M: Even though I am getting older, this stuff is still pretty cool!

While M was watching to equipment, T was busy with Grandma Kathy!  T had so much to do to get ready for Father's Day.  She loves to make many cards and wrap many gifts for special events.  She wraps her things, somethings even her favorite things, and then gives them to the special person.  She does want them right back.  She thinks it is a huge injustice that grown ups don't get lots of presents like kids do and she wants everyone to have the thrill of opening gifts. This summer she cried about not wanting to grow up because she wants to keep getting toys for her Birthday!  I sure do love this girl!

T: Grandma helped me with lots of spelling!

T: We drew a picture together. 
After some breakfast and getting dressed it was time for... more watching for M!

M: This is the life. 

M: I think it is better than a parade!

Once we were able to pry the kids away from the construction and the gift making we went for a lovely walk down to the Lake and then up to several parks within Upper Lake. The kids enjoy the parks so much more when Grandma and Grandpa are with us.

M: I am going to beat you Grandpa. 

M: Maybe I shouldn't have gotten up so early!

T: I sure do love Grandma Kathy!

M: Balancing is good or my abs!

T: Look at me, this is easy!

After our time at the park M and Grandpa Daryl rested and listened to a book on CD.

M: I think that Grandpa Daryl might have fallen asleep!

T spent time hanging out with Grandma Kathy in her room.  She LOVES having big people in her room.
T: It is cozy for me to sleep with so many treasures on my bed!

After lunch we decided to go to the pool.  It was quite cool in our community so we drove south and west (away from the Lake) to a much warmer spot.  This year we bought a family Super Pass pool pass which allowed us to go to 4 pools for free all summer.  It was amazing and we discovered a new favorite pool!

M and T:  We love swimming with Grandpa. 

T: Make sure to catch me!

What a beautiful group!

M: I worked hard at holding my breath underwater while Grandpa counted.


The swimming crew!

One more without sunglasses!

T: I found the perfect place to take a rest!  
After swimming we went to a fun store that T and I discovered during Dance Camp so we could all get tasty treats!  Yum!

Once home we were a tired crew, but we made time for a bit more present prep for Father's Day!

T: I know Daddy will love his gifts!

On Father's Day the kids performed a VBS song at both services.  Here is a zoomed in shot with both of our kids getting into it! The VBS songs tend to get stuck in your head for weeks!

"We're gonna SHOUT IT OUT..." 

After church it was FINALLY time for Brandon to open gifts.  T couldn't wait!

T: I usually help people open their gifts!
M: Mommy interviewed me for my gift for Daddy. 

M: Other people's special days are hard for me. 

I sure do love this crew!

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