Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Safety Town

*One of the hardest parts of getting super behind on blogging is getting the nerve to restart.  It is such a huge undertaking and beginning to type is often a challenge, but here we go... time to rewind to early June!!!

As I mentioned in a previous photo blog, the Monday after school got out T started Safety Town.  We have been looking forward to Safety Town because T loves to take risks, and she NEEDED it.  I think she learned a lot, but putting it into practice is hard sometimes!  Safety Town meets for for two hours five days a week for two weeks.  They go over almost every major type of home and community safety.  It is an incredible program. 

Week One of Safety Town was pretty low key.  Brandon's parents were here for the start of it and we didn't have too much else going on.  

Week Two was a different story.  Sweet T started her day with 1/2 of VBS then was driven to Safety Town by a friend.  She was picked up by me after VBS and we zipped home to eat and change into dance clothes and then headed south for dance camp.  It was a crazy week.  On top of that M had VBS and the start to afternoon Park, I was teaching at VBS and Brandon was helping with VBS and doing all his normal job stuff too! 

Week two ended with a graduation ceremony/program, cake, and a chance for T to tour me around Safety Town. She was very proud!

T: These kids were in my Firefly group!

T: I looked right at the camera!

T: I love cake.  Mommy scraped out the part with dairy... mostly. 
T: I got to practice safe driving with this cool car!

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