Monday, September 25, 2017

Steel Drum Band!

Have you ever heard of steel drums?  I admit, before this summer, a steel drum band was only something I sang about as a child listening to my favorite Beach Boys cassette tape... I digress...  This July I got to hear a steel drum band live.  I was so impressed.  After the performance I was able to try one out.  So fascinating... no wonder all those people in Kokomo fell in love listening to them!

We were able to meet with the traveling team for lunch and our kids got a chance to play the drums too.  They opted for the drum set they were more familiar with.  Our church uses electric drums, so playing on a real set was pretty fascinating for our kiddos.  

The band!

M: This guy was awesome and let me practice on his great drum set!
T: I got to be SO LOUD!!!  You didn't even have to plug in this drum set!

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