Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fire Station Open House and more!

October is Fire Prevention Month!  On October 1st our fire station had their annual open house.  As family and friends know, it is one of the top days at our house, right up there with Birthday, Christmas, and F!sh Day!  

Amazingly, this post is going up IN October.  I am slowing but surely catching up.  I have been blogging every day since September 12th and I am finally posting about an event in the month it happened!  Since there are not many days left in October and many October posts I will get behind again, but today feels like a tiny blog catch up victory.  OK, on with the post!

We raced out of church and headed downtown.  We immediately got in line for the fire truck ride.  After the firetruck ride we went up in the lift.  While the adults waited for the lift the kids explored a near by firetruck.  We had our friend J with us which made both kids thrilled. 

Cruising in the firetruck with friends!

After going up in the lift the kids got to be the very last kids to do the obstacle course.  It was a new addition this year and I think the kids enjoyed it.

T: The pounding was hard!
T: I put out a fake fire. 

T: I finished by rescuing a bear. 

M: The hose was sort of heavy!
M: The hammer thing was easy for me. 

M: The fire went right down. 

M: I raced to the finish line with the bear. 

After the open house we brought M and J over to J's house for M's Sunday time with them.  They were able to go mountain biking on a trail not too far away.  M LOVED it!

M: I wish I could do this every day. 

I went on a long walk with my dear friend Charissa and T worked on a project for M.  She truly loves him so much.

T: I hope M likes it!

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