Sunday, October 1, 2017

Goodbye Facebook!

October is HERE!  I have been talking about my FB break for some time and now it is here!  While I won't be on FB for a while, I will continue to blog.  I have many many many posts scheduled, possibly enough to post through October.  Please check back here often to see what we have been up to.  I will ask Brandon to share posts now and then so everyone can stay somewhat up to date with our family.  I will miss you all, but I know that you will find me through email or blog comments or texting or at a park or at church.  This is not goodbye forever!

So, why leave Facebook?

We can't add time to our day, but we can be better stewards of the time we are given.  I find that tiny bits of my day are lost with quick checks on FB... then after the kids are in bed BIG bits of my day are lost spending time of FB reading article after article after article.  While part of me will miss being in the know, I can still go to CNN and read the articles when I choose to.  I can still find out what is going on in the world without the FB filter.

I will miss celebrating Birthday and marriages and babies with my friends.  Know that you are loved and email me your cute pictures now and then!

I will miss learning about fun events going on in the area, but I know the websites I can go to when I want to find fun things to do.

I will miss the ease of sending long long long threads of PM's to dear friends, but I will still be able to  text and email so I will not totally be off the grid.

Yes, there are things I will miss... but I will also gain many things:

I will gain a fresher perspective on the realities of life.  I will be able to be present for all the beauty around me in real time rather than dreaming of others realities.

I will gain time with my family that I have wasted reading articles and memes.

I will gain time sleeping rather than staying up late reading one more article.

I will gain better self control with food issues.  It sounds strange, but every time I go off of FB I lose weight without even trying.  I think FB stresses me out and not having it helps me to have more self control and make better food choice, at least late at night.

I will gain time to blog more and might actually stay somewhat close to up to date with posts.

I will gain the ability to respond to emails more quickly than my typical very delayed fashion.

I will gain time to sort and de clutter my home and life!

I will gain time to spend reading God's Word and remembering that seeking His Face is the most task of the day!

This is just the beginning... stay tuned to see more posts about the joy beyond FB and a whole lot of other great posts about our trip to the fair, M's Birthday, summer road trips, back to school and so much much more!!!

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