Thursday, October 19, 2017

OT, Music Class, and Park! M's last day of Summer Vacation!

The final day of summer vacation arrived and we packed it with activity!!!  First up we had T's final summer OT session.  We love her OT Miss A so much!  She recognizes how deeply T needs heavy, heavy, heavy work and T thrives when she gets it. 

T: I made this for Miss A!

T: I love doing the bucket pull!

After OT we headed to music class.  We just tried it out.  M didn't like it and T loved it.  I didn't take any pictures during the class, but I got some fountain pictures after the class.  The picture below is, no joke, the very best one.

M: Mom, I didn't like that class and I don't want you to take my picture. 

We decided we all needed some good time with our best friends!  If I remember right we ate an early lunch and then went up and visited them.  We went on a good walk/bike ride and then the kids played back at Charissa's house while little A napped. It as the PERFECT way to spend our last day of summer vacation.  

T: I think A is loving this!
One more because... how sweet is A? 

The big boys loved making there own roller coaster with the Cozy Coupe.  Charissa's driveway is steep enough and L pushed hard enough that they would fly down the driveway across the street and sail up the driveway on the other side or smash into the curb.  Both were seen as enjoyable options.

M: I am so ready for this L!

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