Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On Parade!

*Sorry the post is a little late tonight. It is still well before midnight so a post a day continues!

For as long as T could speak she has wanted to be IN a parade.  Every time we watch one she asks if she can be in it.  The elementary schools get to walk in the homecoming parade and M and T were VERY interested in being a part of it.  The kids had a lot of fun though M didn't want to stand by T and me haha.  M got to hold a sign for part of the parade.  T LOVED waving at people as we passed by.  

M is right in the middle wearing red!

T: I can't believe I get to be in a parade with G!

T: I just walked along and waved!

M: I got to hold a character quality sign!

Our buddy J goes to Lincoln this year too so his whole family got to join in the parade fun! 

T: So many people were taking my picture!
Thanks friend T for this awesome shot!
We were at the very beginning of the parade so we were able to watch the rest of the parade with good friends.  

M and T: We love the band!

T: The firetrucks were loud!
It started raining at the end of the parade so we had a soggy walk home.

We were quite a crew!

T: Walking by K and E is pretty great!

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