Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pumpkin Farm/Corn Maze!

October 21st arrived and we still hadn't made it to a corn maze.  Whenever our whole family was together the weather wouldn't be good for being outdoors.  We decided that I would take the kids without Brandon because it looked like the last chance to have great weather for the activities.  I called Charissa and she and her kids joined us.

We met up at a new to us pumpkin farm.  We all really enjoyed it!  They had animals to pet, tractors to play on, food to eat, pumpkins, hayrides, games, and the maze. The weather there was incredible.  It was 60 at home and 79 at the farm!  We were all overdressed except T who is always ready for summer to return!

The boys together and the girls together!

Our favorite farmers!

The kids pet many many animals, but they were moving from animal to animal so quickly that I had a hard time catch any photos.  They stayed with the turkey for a while because they learned that they could gobble and he would respond.  They were NOT quiet!

Gobble Gobble!

M:  Life is more fun with L!

I fixed T's hair after the photo below, but then she wouldn't look up so you all get to see the lovely hair in the face look :)

T: Farm living is the life for me.

Which way should we go? 

The explorers!

M was having a bit of a hard day.  We didn't do the maze at the pace he wanted.  He was frustrated.  Luckily L was there for him to be with and T still wanted to enjoy the day.  We stayed calm and continued to make memories.

One child wanted to see how tall she was!

So realistic!!

Sweet buddies!

The crew!

Their turn to ride tractors!

A family recently purchased this old car and brought it to the farm.  We thought it was on display so I was going to take a picture of the kids next to the car.  The owners came up and told us to go in the car.  I said, "I think that is against the rules."  She said, "It is my car."  We got a good laugh out of that.  We also got some fun pictures.

T: It was like a new old car!

M: I got to honk the horn and it was a very fun sound (think classic Cheaper by the Dozen)!

The boys were hilarious when it was time to go.  The just clung to each other.  First one of them would pose sad then the other.  They are very special friends!

L: I don't want to leave you. I am sad. 

M: Now I am sad too!

One more because I not so secretly hope they recreate this one as teens or adults!!

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