Thursday, November 2, 2017

Say What? AND Write What? Get ready to smile!

Our Sweet T continues to delight us with her words, both spoken and written.  Oh my heart!  I do know that she will have to learn how to spell one day, but Kindergarten writing is one of my favorite things in the world!!  There are more pictures where this came from because she is writing up a storm.

We are  a bit lacking in the "Say What?" department.  We had a child (I truly can't remember which one) take all of the Say What? post-its ever written and throw them up in the air.  They were sorted by ones already in the blog and ones not in the blog.  I think I have found most of the new cards, but some will be tucked away with the others to be discovered in a far off decade!

T quoted:

"Petvarian": This is T's calls her extended version of the future career "pet vet!" 

"Why do you have a bell in your mouth?"  I believe this is relating to whistling. 

"Can we please make an Orangutan?"   T has been begging to make a Christmas chain countdown and she is sure it is called orangutan.   

(A couple of these might be old and already posted, but I can't remember them) 
"It's a baby ear, like little Jesus."  This is how T was describing her Microtia ear.  

"He's not that fun, just playitive with his stuff."  This is how T described someone who was a bit of a loner. 

"Why did you kill that Philippine?  I wanted it for a pet!"  I killed a centipede. 

I am not sure of the context of this, but one of my children said it: "20% of energy in a body is used by lightening."

Brandon: "What are you up to?"
T: "I was up to pol-nailishing." (spoken with a southern accent)

This one is probably old, but I had to include one from M!
M: "I knew you guys were kissing.  I heard your lips talking together." 

T: "So they made that with duct tape, a jelly bean, wheels, and a drill bit?!"

This is a bit of a story and some context is needed.  The kids were listening to some of Brandon's cousin Ben's violin music and Brandon asked the kids, "Who is Ben's Dad?"  This is much more funny if you know the people involved, but I will share it anyway.  The kids were genuine in their guesses.
Brandon: Who is Ben's Dad?
Guess One: Uncle Curt? (nope, Brandon's uncle without kids)
Guess Two: Grandpa Tom? (NO, that is Brandon's dad)
Guess Three: Are you his dad? (WHAT?!?!  No)
Guess Four: Is he Grandma Judy's brother? (No!)
Guess Five: Is he dead already? (No, very much alive)
Brandon finally told them who Ben's dad is after all the guessing.  So funny!

And now...Write What?

T's ABC's... note how it ends: Y And Z
If you remember not long ago T thought there were 2 "N's" in the alphabet, y,n,z!  I guess she transitioned to "and."

T gets very cold at swimming lessons so she never wants to go even when she has fun once she is in the water.
"I don't want to go to the swimming pool"

"T's Art Work"

"Once upon a time there was a little girl and the girl lived happily after The End"

"Brandon had a great day you are a great boy come back to our school"

No translation needed, but it sounds just like T doesn't it?!

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