Saturday, December 23, 2017

Theater times two

The kids and I are always looking for fun things to do on the weekends while Brandon is working.  We went to two live theater productions two weekends in a row.  M had a Birthday party during the first one, so he missed the fun.  I forgot my phone in the van for the second one so we have no photos!

T and I went to a local University production of The Music Man.  They did a great job and T loved the singing, dancing and of course love story!  Both kids and I went to a middle school production of Cinderella.  I didn't realize it was a shortened version so we ended up not getting too much bang for our buck, but there were lots of fancy costumes and dancing so it was deemed worth it by T!  

I love live theater and it brings me great joy to know that my kids are developing a love for it as well! 

T: I am ready for the show!

T: This was a very special date with my mommy!

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