Sunday, January 14, 2018

Swimming on "Little Christmas Eve"

After our final Christmas program rehearsal the kids came home and watched the highly anticipated "Boss Baby."  I was working in the kitchen, and fine with not being a part of the viewing.   I got the potatoes peeled and the sweet potatoes cooked and mashed! After the movie and lunch the kids ran errands with Brandon.  

Meanwhile my parents, brother, and niece A were heading our way!  They arrived sometime after 3:00 so I texted Brandon to come home.  I had all the swimming gear ready and I asked the kids if they wanted to swim... at a hotel... with cousin A etc.  They were VERY VERY excited!  

It was quite cold outside, so I was very thankful that my dad and brother we willing to take one for the team and swim with the kids.  The water in the pool was a bit on the chilly side so the kids did quite a bit of playing in the hot tub.  

T: I was so excited to see my cousin A!!!

The girls have lots of fun together!

The hot tub was the place to be!

Silly pose... my dad is so fun!!

Total sweetness!  
T: We were trying to push Grandpa in!

T:  We jumped in a lot!

T: We loved climbing on Grandpa.  I am not sure if he loved it. 

After our time in the pool both kids showered at the hotel so that they didn't have to get wet and dry twice.  We came home and ate dinner and the kids went to bed.  I was up late working on a crazy amount of meatball prep for out Christmas Eve noon time feast.  I can't remember now if I made 121 or 112 meatballs.  Either way, it was a large number. 

*"Little Christmas Eve" is what our family calls December 23rd.  In Norway, the day before Christmas Eve has a special name that is essentially translated "Little Christmas Eve."  When we hosted our AFS sister she clued us in on this and have called it at ever since!

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