Saturday, April 21, 2018

Snow mail tower mustache biker!

I decided to combine 5 random photos from January, February and March.  These could really each be their own post, but I hope to eventually get a bit more caught up on posts so this post is an odd combination! 

We had one snow in early December that melted before Christmas.  Then it snowed on Christmas Eve and stuck around a while.  It was only a small amount, but we had a white Christmas.  On January 16th we finally got a substantial snow.  I love coming downstairs in the morning to a perfect blanket of fresh snow.  

We finally got snow on January 16th... once the Christmas decorations were packed away!

I took a parenting class after school once week for 7 weeks.  One day after the class T showed me this fun bulletin board about February Birthdays!  She was very excited to find hers.

T: I am going to be 6 soon!!!

T hasn't been a regular in the church nursery for some time, but when she sensed that she was about to age out, she made a few last chance visits to the nursery.  She helped gather Legos for an incredible tower.  After this photo was taken even taller towers were created!
Being a nursery worker is great fun!
The kids had a Dr. Suess themed week and had to dress in certain ways each day.  One day was mustache day.  M rocked his mustache so much so that we feel like we can see an adult M in this photo.  T wanted hers with silver tattoo pen ink so it isn't quite as visible.

M: I think this could be a good look for me?!

One warm Sunday in March T and Brandon went on a little biking adventure.  T wanted to wear a headband like Brandon's.  She looks pretty legit!  Their ride took a long time as they stopped at three houses and chatted for a long time at one of them!  What a fun afternoon!
T: I am a biker (cyclist) chic!

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