Wednesday, April 25, 2018

We blinked and she turned SIX!!!!

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our sweet T home from Ch!na!  It is hard to believe she has been home more than five years and is six years old!  She had been anticipating her 6th Birthday since a few weeks after her 5th Birthday.  She had wanted almost everything in every store all year long!  Her lists were long and exact.  With T it is always quantity over quality!  She wants LOTS of presents to open on her big day.  I do my best to combine ultra practical things she already needed with super cheap things with things that she really wanted.  This year she really wanted a desk.  We decided to splurge and order her a desk that she would love.  Sadly the order was delayed and didn't arrive on her Birthday.  We had several items that were printed photos instead of gifts, but she didn't seem to mind too much. 

This year T's Birthday was on a Friday and even more exciting than that... it was a no school Friday.  She really wanted to have her first real friend party, like a party where you invite guests more than one day ahead of time.  She also wanted to invite friends that were family friends, not school friends. Since she wanted to have the party at our house, specifically her room, I was thankful she wanted to invite people who knew us and our house well!  We decided to have the party on her Birthday since it was a no school day!   More on the party in the next post :) 

The day before her Birthday my parents came into town.  There was much excitement about their arrival!  It was so special to have them be a part of her big day and wonderful to have their help in the preparing and hosting of the party as well. 

On the morning of the big day T was up and dressed and ready for gifts bright and early! 

T: I was thankful for all my gifts!
M: This silly hat made my "not Birthday" a bit better
Since our kids are 2.5 years apart we continue to give the 1/2 Birthday kid several practical gifts as well!

M: I was pretty impressed with my 1/2 Birthday gift stash!

One of the most fun gifts that M got (from my parents) hadn't arrived on time either.  They ordered him snowball makers.  Sadly, by the time they arrived we were done with snow for the season... or so we thought.  The April snow has been great for snowballs and the makers actually work wonderfully!!!

T: I had to eat a piece of licorice right away!

T: I can't wait until my real desk comes!!

Her desk came the next day!  Thanks to my dad's skills, willingness, and availability it was put together on Saturday night and moved into her room on Sunday!!!

T: I even got this cool easel from my friends Curt and Deb!

As you can see from the photo below she received several dollar store gifts, toys from my childhood, and even a trash can.  She saw them all as wonderful and expressed gratitude for each gift!
T: This is a picture of SOME of my gifts!  It was a good morning!

After we opened presents and got ready for the day it was time to get busy and prepare for the party!

M: Grandpa Daryl and I prepared by playing many many games of Yahtzee!  Grandpa loves it as much as me!

While the guys were playing games and in and out, the girls were busy making the cake and decorating.  T had a great time with Grandma Kathy making the famous strawberry cake.  Apparently this year the cake was the best ever!

T: I decided to put on my new PJ's so I could be a better baker!

M: We came in to the kitchen to supervise!

T: It takes a lot of work to make a fancy cake!
While the cake was baking T got to work on the gift bags.  She decided to decorate each bag.  It was an awesome project that kept her busy for a long time!

T: It was lots of fun to decorate bags for my friends. 
Stay tuned for pictures from the afternoon party!

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