Saturday, October 3, 2015

Back to School in Pictures!

I wrote all about M's first day of school HERE and T's first day of school HERE, but I am finally getting the photos up!

Before school actually starts the kids have a supply drop off afternoon.  This is a wonderful time for the kids to meet their teachers and get to know their classrooms.  Both kids were a bit nervous, but excited as well.  They both had quite a bit of supplies to drop off.  We had three large reusable grocery bags between the two kids. M got to do a scavenger hunt in his room so he could get to know different parts of it better.  What a great idea.  Before we left we took a quick picture with each child's teachers!

T with her teachers!

M with his teachers! 

Big Backpack and a small boy!
M's first day!  He wants to be a baseball player when he grows up!
Mom and M!

Dad and M!

Patiently waiting for the bus!

He was so happy to see his bus and his favorite driver!

T and I enjoyed extra cuddles during M's first day of school! 

He was a happy boy at the end of the day. 
T's first day of school pictures.  She wants to be a mommy mermaid and a baby mermaid and work at a church! This was the only time she has gone to school this year wearing a totally matching outfit.

So sweet! 

Such a big girl!

So proud of her big girl back pack. 

Who wouldn't be proud with a princess back pack like this! 

T and Mom!

T and Dad!

One more, because she is just so cute!

Such a big girl! 

She got right on with no problems. 

T: Look at my cool project from the Art Center! 

M had his first library day during the week of T's first day at school.  He was so proud of his first book.  It included an audio version of the book.  It was actually Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween comedy stand up sketch.  It was very funny and he listened to it over and over again.

M: I love this CD and book! 

M: I wanted to check it out the next week too! 

Friday, October 2, 2015

The end of summer fun pics... and more from our future fashionista!

These are all random photos from the final weeks of summer with a few from the first days of school mixed in.  T continues to wear her creative outfits.  They never match. They are never worn long.  We love her dearly!  She has THREE lavender tu-tus/dresses.  If you look carefully you can notice the difference.

T is now riding M's old bike that we got for T all along.  She is now pretty good at it, but it was a steep learning curve.  She refused to break and would go on the grass or use her shoes.  She totally destroyed these shoes which are now her "bike shoes."  She tires easily which means I am sometimes carrying her bike and her in the Ergo half way through the walk.  Just a little tidbit of news, T's bike weighs a pound MORE than Brandon's bike.  No Joke!

T: I learned to ride a bigger Princess Bike!!!!

Thankfully we have a park one block away where she can practice lots of stopping and starting on flat ground.
T: Here I go! 
T: I am starting to get the hang of this! 

Our garden exploded with tomatoes, in a good way.  I am thankful to be freezing them for the winter. The biggest surprise was the height of some of them.  The picture doesn't fully show the height as they were a bit droopy, but the tallest ones were taller than my 6'3 husband!  That is tall!

We grow big tomato plants around here! 

Ballet and Construction go hand and hand!  Love it! 

T: This bucket isn't working, but I can fix it. 

We spotted some men installing a sign post during one of our last walks of the summer.  The kids loved watching the men work.  The didn't stay back for too long.  They asked lots of questions.  They thanked the workers at the end, and the workers thanked us.  The truly enjoyed our children.  This makes me smile.  We live in a great community.  It also makes me think of my dad.  I am pretty sure he enjoyed a kid audience every once in a while too.

Checking things out! 
They needed a much closer look! 
Late in August, my "two sweet boys" nanny family came for the day.  It is such a joy to see these sweet boys grow to be big boys!  I had such fun cleaning up the kitchen and talking to E about school and life!  Their mom is so wise and lovely so I cherish my talks with Katie as well. We had fun with the boys at a local park!

T: Bounce higher A! 

M: I had no idea you could do this with that thing.  E is so creative! 

Another day, another creation!  
T: It is fun being at the park with you Daddy! 

The kids went upstairs to change clothes after church.  They were both in good moods and their monitors were on.  We waited for screams, but eventually we saw two kids in cozy winter PJ's enter our kitchen.  So sweet.  They wore them for two minutes so it is a good thing we took the pictures quickly!
So sweet! 

I love this shot because M looks so protective and loving in it! 

She never dresses up in one matching outfit.  Meet our future Princess, Football Player, Cowboy!

T: Now how do I look? 

Last winter we read about Cheerios changing to a gluten free line.  We think they might still have some kinks to work out in this.  M was SO EXCITED to have Cheerios for the first time.  Simple Joys!
M: I was taking my first bite. 

I was chewing it and thinking, "YUM." 

Back on her little bike and heading to the park.  T hoards all things.  This yard sign about weed control needed to become a bike decoration!  PJ pants and flip flops, Yes!

T: But I NEED it!

T: Aww, look at me go! 
Our great friends live just a few houses away.  They happened to have a basil plant that was very big this year.  They shared basil with us.  I often headed over there around dinner time.  T was a ballerina as usual and she INSISTED that I wear a pair of shoes she found in the closet.  Not the best for walking... I never wear stuff like this.  She was so proud.  Brandon came home from church and looked out the window to spot this.  What a blessed man he is!  :)

We are just a typical family!

We love the way T feels beautiful about her creations!  She felt very beautiful in this outfit!

I love this selfie!

Dressed and ready for adventure. 

My Bianche loving hubby after a nice ride! 

Church wears us all out!  We all want to cuddle with mommy.  This is pretty much how that looks!
M: Stop reading, I want to sleep.  T: Keep reading mommy!

Brandon and T go biking each Monday.  They always stop at a park a couple of towns away.  There is usually a daycare there.  One week the daycare kids were painting with squirt guns and they invited T to try.  She said yes of course!

T: First I did one color. 
T: Then I tried some other colors. 

T: My hands got a little bit of paint on them.  That's OK.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Monday Funday times THREE!

Brandon's day off is Monday!  After summer school was complete we had five Monday's before the start of school.  We decided to make the most of them.  I already wrote about our time traveling and our amusement park, so that leaves a few Monday Funday family days to tell you about!  We always kept our plans a secret until right before we got in the van!

We live somewhat near a very fun park which brings storybooks to life.  It is very interactive and the kids both love it.  Brandon had never been there so we decided it would be a perfect place to visit.

M: Listen to my tune!

T: We are both ballerinas!

T: I have no idea what this is all about, but Mommy asked me to put my leg on this bar, so I did.  

T: There was a stuffed bear (Pooh) in there.  It sure is a tiny house! 

Aww, pioneers! 

M: It would have been a LOT Of work to live back then. 

The Three Bears!  One bear wanted to sit with mama!

M: When I hit this, it will be LOUD!

T: Hi Daddy.  Welcome to be tea house!

T: Ok, now I will pout you some tea!

The Very Hungry M!

The Very Hungry T!

T: This is just like "Click Clack Moo" 

M: I need some paper so I can really do this!

T: Wilbur and I needed a rest!

T: The "Some Pig" spider web wasn't really real.  

This park happens to be right near the PGA location in our area. We attended it the day after the championship.  It was fun to see this new exhibit!

T: Why do you want a picture by a flag? 

A replica of Whistling Straits. 

Giddy Up sheep! 

M: Which pig house should we go in? 
After a fun time at the park we decided to surprise the kids again.  We took them to a splash pad near the park.  M loved getting wet.  Shockingly, T was more timid.  We do not often see the roles reversed.  It was very interesting.

Having fun! 

M: Come on T, this is fun! 

M: I got so wet from that thing!

T: I just liked staying on the edge. 

M: Every part was fun!

T: The little sprinkles were the best!
After they got dried off they decided to play on the horses at the park.  I remember riding horses just like these as a little girl.

It took a lot of work at first.

They both figured it out!
So this is where our plan sort of went south fast.  When our track record was visiting grandparents, an amusement park, and then the fun day above... the kids were expecting something HUGE and we were looking for free and local :)  We maybe should have swapped the order of some of the events, but oh well, we made it through.  We did a big hike down to the water. We had to go down (and up) 96 stairs.  It was a big job.  The kids were pretty tired.

T: Our Lake is really big! 

M: I can't even stand straight I am so tired! 
M: I hiked the whole time!  T: I am NOT going to look at the camera!

T: OK, I guess I changed my mind. I like to smile! 
That evening we had a fun night at lake home.  Some friends of ours own it and hosted a little dinner thing there.  The kids had fun fishing and playing.  They were sad it was too cold to swim.

M: I bet with my net I can catch a fish yet! 

Lots of focused fishermen and women!

M: I caught one!!!
T: I am pretty flexible!!!  
I stayed up very late that night. One of my best friends (Charissa) was about to have a baby and I got to occupy her thoughts by sending her an obscene about of FB PM's to keep her mind from the contractions.  It was one of the most special nights of my life in many ways.  I was blessed to be a tiny part of a tiny part of A's birth story.  It is hard to believe that Baby A is now one month old.

Our final Monday Sunday was spent at a local nature center.  Some friends gave us a free pass.  I was very excited to see the center and hike there.  The camp counselor in my loves this stuff.  Actually, my parents both love this kind of stuff so genetics and family of origin plays a big role too.  Well, my children do not share my genetics.  Things went south pretty fast.  The grass was long, the bugs were threatening, there wasn't anything cool (like a man made plastic jungle gym haha).  We ended up bailing early and going to a local (tiny) park.  This was also a bust so we headed home.  This trip came at a traumaversary time so life was just pretty hard.  We caught some smiles though!

We checked out a very cool tree house!

M: I did find a big stick! 

T: I found a stick too! 

M and T: But this is how we really felt! 

Me: Man I wish I brought along the Ergo and the Beco! 
Maybe some day we will go back and hike again and enjoy it!  I am still hopeful.  Over all our Monday Funday's were a huge success!!  Hopefully we will continue the tradition next summer!