Monday, January 21, 2019

A day with friends!

Twice a year we head north to visit some dear friends.  Adoption connected us originally, but the deep friendship that has been created is the treasure that continues!  Our kids just love being with these boys!  We went to a local park/splash pad and played outside and inside and the moms talked and talked and talked.  What a gift!  

T: I am glad J wanted to do the sprinklers with me!

M: E is really big and still played LEGO's with me. 

T: C bounced me on the trampoline!

Dear friends and their special dog!

Excellent service to the van!

T: I got carried too!  I wish we could see them again right now!

Lux Fest

For several years Brandon has taken the kids to a unique festival with the "sheep in the parade."  I decided this year I wanted to attend.  Charissa and I and the kids met up with our friend Kim and her family.  The parade did not disappoint.  It was uniquely diverse and the sheep totally showed up!  

Hugs all around!


After the parade we all walked to the festival grounds.  It was quite a warm day and the kids were not prepared for the walking we needed to do.  Next time I will vote to watch the parade and park much closer to the festival grounds! 

M and T: We love the fifth quarter show.

I was impressed!

They got the kids in on the action.

After the band left our kids decided to entertain the crowd!

The festival is quite impressive.  I wish we would have been better prepared to stay and enjoy it.  They had a magic show, free bounce houses, booths, and much more.

T: It was fun but we were hot and hungry.

As were were walking through the booths God provided for us in a unique way.  Mixed among the craft venders was a booth from a church.  They had free little things for the kids to do and FREE WATER!  It was amazing!  I felt like the Israelites might have felt when God brought water from the rock.  I didn't have any cash on me and we were all so thirsty.  They truly blessed us with their cold water.  They also has a nice shade tent that the kids enjoyed chilling under for a minute before the walk back to the car.  

I am excited to attend this festival again next summer!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A lovely night

The day after M's Birthday Charissa and I took a walk as the sun was setting.  So often I take photos of the Lake, but the photos looking back at our community are treasures too!  We are SO BLESSED to live in such a beautiful place.  
A Tall Ship with our community in the background. 

The skyline!

The ship and skyline in the distance.

A growing garden

By early August we were beginning to harvest things from the garden.  We had some garden surprises, three actually.  We purchased two pepper plants, one red and one green.  They both ended up being green.  I requested basil and we ended up with lemon basil.  The funniest of the errors were our tomato plants.  Brandon thought he purchased 3 tomato plants and we wound up with three cherry tomato plants.  The cherry tomatoes ended up to be a tasty blessing and I realized that I actually can cook more easily with them than regular tomatoes.  The peppers were fine.  The basil was... different.  Many more garden photos will come, but this was the start of the harvest.
Green bean plants can get BIG!

Cherry Tomatoes!!!

Baby Kittens

If you haven't read the post about out sweet kittens I suggest you read it HERE to get more of the backstory!

On M's Birthday my parents went to my Grandma's farm to get some pictures of the sweet baby kittens.  They were about a month old at this point.  These are the first pictures we have of the kittens.  They grow so fast, it is hard to believe they were taken less than six months ago. 

These photos are rare treasures to me much like the photos we got of M and T before they came home are treasures.  I just decided to put all of them on here because they are the only baby photos we have.  

Our boys with their brother Tim. 

Pretty sure this is Sunshine. 

Buttercup is on the left.  His sister Faith is on the right. 

Grandma with Buttercup.


Our hungry babies.

Sweet Sunshine


Our little loves.

Sweet Buttercup!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Seriously, NINE?

*While I am VERY behind in blogging I was thankful to discover that I must have taken a few minutes on M's Birthday to write about the day and draft a post!  I am glad I did because I would not have remembered it if I hadn't!

It is hard to believe I have a nine year old son (now almost 9 1/2 haha).  While there have been many days through the years that feel weeks long, the years fly by!  I am so thankful for the eight years we have had with M.  He is our very loved son!

Our day started with presents for the Birthday Boy and the 1/2 Birthday Girl!  I was almost as excited as the kids because I knew the last present they opened would be the kitten reveal box!!!

M was excited about many of his gifts!  They were both SO EXCITED about the news that our family would soon be getting two kittens.  I wasn't sure what I was saying yes to, but I knew it had the potential to be good.  Now looking back the cats have been one of the best gifts our family could ever get.  We are so so thankful for them!

M: This is a lot of presents!

M: Whoa!  Cool!!  (sadly unimpressive in reality)

T: I am excited about my 1/2 Birthday gifts!

M: These should last me a while!

T went to Dollar Tree and spend lots of time looking for the perfect gift for M and then spending her own money on it.  She was so proud to give him a gift that she picked out and bought and wrapped!

T: I really hope he likes it!

M: Wow T, this is cool! 

T: I am so glad he liked the gift!

She also gave him the sweetest card!  She can be just darling when she wants to be!

M: Thanks T!

"Dear M, thank you for loving me and for helping me when I need you and for showing me the right thing to do. Keep up the great work M Love T."


M: What is in this BIG BOX? 

M: Help me open it T!

M: There was a note in the bottom saying we could get kittens!

T:  I was pretending to be a kitten.

After opening gifts it was time to quickly get things ready for M's party. We had an unique sort of party from 9:30-11:30.  M invited several boys who love to play outdoors (some of them several years older than him) to a local park for some "wood chips" dodgeball, and kickball.  It was sort of a thrown together party (or so it felt) but it was exactly as M wanted it.  I wanted to hang up decorations etc but he said no!  He wanted to play games and eat and be with friends.  M has a tricky time with friends at times so it was a true gift to have such special boys at his party.  None of them go to his school, but all of them care for M.  The older boys were such good sports with M.  I was proud of them and thankful that they were willing to be a part of the party.

A pretty intense game of wood chips!


Two games in and time for a cake break!  The cake turned out fine, but the frosting was horrible.  I have since found quality frosting.  The boys didn't really complain so I was thankful for that.

M: It was so windy we couldn't get the candles to light.

Hungry boys!

After some cake and snacks it was time for Kickball.

M: I am glad the kids all liked kickball.

We ended the party opening up gifts.  The gifts were thoughtful and you can tell that the boys knew what M was into.

M: Everyone was so generous.

M: I got GREAT gifts!

M: I have great buddies!!

T:  I am so glad that L likes to climb with me!

After the party and bringing a couple families home we quickly got home and ate lunch and then T and I took M to soccer camp.  He didn't know if he wanted to go on his Birthday, but he had a great time that day.

After soccer we went to a pool that is close to the soccer place and then played at the park near that pool. While were were at the park we were able to FaceTime my parents at meet the kittens at my grandma's house.  The connection wasn't good so my mom texted us several photos (see the next post) and we were able to meet the four baby kittens.

T wanted me to take several photos of her.  It is still quite hard to celebrate someone else's Birthday, but she is growing in her tolerance for sure.
T: Do you like my pose? 
We wanted M to choose how to spend his evening and he requested screen time.  He was able to get in 10 minutes before dinner and an hour after dinner. 

It took him a while to wind down at bedtime, but was still sleeping before 8:00!  This was probably his least drama filled Birthday ever.  We are excited to see what year nine is like for our son!