Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day, Food Making, Feeding Myself, and other great Fotos!

Yes I am back friends, I know you missed me. I have a busy life so I just can't post that often.

Mommy's cousin has a great camera and took this picture of me smiling.

Reminding the world that "I was worth the wait"

This is another Ba-pa of mine. He has a cozy lap.

Great Grandma just can't get enough of me!

22months old! This was right before Lukey's grandpa's funeral so mommy had to take it fast, but since I wear my shades and hat all the time mommy thinks it is pretty realistic of how I look these days!

Bye, see you later! I am getting into my fridge car!

Here I go!

Mommy and Daddy told everyone at church that even though they are going to love me, they need Jesus help. They prayed for me and stuff about when I am big. Right now I don't get it, but I think it was important. (Dedication Sunday)

Writing on a card for Ba-pa.

I might be little, but I NEED to eat watermelon like mommy so the knife really is essential. Don't worry mommy and daddy are close and it is mostly safe!

Daddy, I am not going to smile!

I am on to your silly faces trying to make me laugh and I am not going to do it!

Well, the washcloth is pretty funny, OK, I guess I can laugh a little bit.

I am a big "op-er" (helper) every day, but Banana Bread making day was especially taxing. So much stirring, and pouring, and tasting, and smashing... YUMMY!! (double click on this one and check out how dirty he got. Good thing he wasn't dressed for the day)

I got my dad the coolest Father's Day card ever. It had a dog on the front.

Speaking of hard work, coloring on all these signs took FOREVER, but Daddy liked it so it was worth it. I sure am glad he is my daddy, even if I am serious here! I love him SOOOOOO much!

I know, you all wish you had this awesome outfit. Sadly, elephant bibs like this are not made in every size.

Believe it friends, I am feeding myself!

Mom, is there something on my face?

I can put on lotion all by myself! (Good thing we use Cetaphil because M thinks that it is a food group!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Diaper Liners and Bath Toys

Wow, it is like the more I blog the more I want to blog :) Maybe I will get back in the swing of things after all.

So, I love cloth diapers. It pains me to use paper ones... and it pains M too (feel paper then feel cloth, which would you choose?). Anyway, I am not sure if all of you know the big cloth diaper secret that makes cloth diapers SUPER easy. Disposable Diaper Liners. I know what you are thinking... they are expensive and you have more waste, but this just isn't so. You can wash and re-use the liners MANY TIMES... meaning I have washed some over 30 times and keep reusing them.

What makes them great? Well, the poo falls on the liner and you tip the liner over the toilet and it just falls off... no diaper dunking! I LOVE IT!

Are all liners the same? NO! Real Nappies is the way to go! They others do not pass my test (the use and use and never have to toss test).

The Bonus? If the diaper is really bad, esp if you are in public places (yes, M wears cloth everywhere) you can simply toss or flush the liner and you don't have a wet bag full of poo to come home to! Our family gives them SIX thumbs up!

... bath toys...
We registered and received the sweetest bath toys that squirt water and are oh so fun, right? Well, when Brandon's family was in town his sister said, "I see you have the same problem with bath toys that we do." I had no clue what she was talking about. I did notice in the bath tub there were always little bits of blue or brown fuzz, but I thought it was M's toe lint... SILLY ME... it was actually nasty stuff from inside the bath toys... GROSS!!!! Since they left I was so repulsed with the crab that he had to be tossed. I tried to clean him out about 20 times and more black came out each time! The others are more washable. I have found that I need to pre-fill them with water and squirt it out a few times before the bath then they usually leave the bath water clean. The toys are still super cute, but the nasty stuff inside is just too much for me, so if are wanting clean bath toys you might just want to stick with the foam letters!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photo Post... weeks overdue!

Yes, I do realize that my son turns 22 months old tomorrow and this photo post includes photos from his 21 month photo shoot. If you read the post below you know we have been busy. I hope you enjoy them. M is a bit tired tonight so if his comments are not up to the normal standard, please give him some grace!

Weeeeeee!!!!! I love my new swing! Now daddy put one up for my best friend L too so we can both laugh in the breeze.

I am so glad to be 21 months old!

I just can't believe I am 21 months old!

Just checking to see how much of this chair I can fill!

Really mom, this is a bit of overkill with the 21 month photos. (Hey now M you never smile in photos so I have to post the good ones:)

One of my daily jobs is getting out the syrup and hot sauce. I just check them out, pretend to drink them, and put them back. Mom thinks it is funny that I don't try to sample anything else, but I know what I like!

I know you all wish you had these cool overalls! I mean I have a doggie ON MY OVERALLS can you believe it?! I still can't!

This is daddy's best friend L. Both our best friends have the same name. I think all best friends are called L, but I am not sure. I will have to ask my mom!
*Note from mommy* The next photos are of our time with my family. I am still waiting for some photos from my mom's extended family and since I have received photos from others these are a bit out of order.

These are my "special people" We pray for them all the time and I finally got to meet them. They give great hugs and serve bottles just like mommy!
My thoughts: We were so blessed to see Sarah and Jack ( while we were traveling. You all know from the referral story that our M is VERY special to them as they held him in their hearts for many months too.

This is my Jack. I am so glad I got to hang out with him!

Mommy gets all teary when she sees this photo. I don't know why, maybe I never will!

This is one of my great grandmas! Everywhere I go I have more grandmas. It is pretty great!

Hanging out with some of my "Greats"

Great Grandpa and I made a hat trade. I really got the better end of the deal on this one, but don't tell him ;)

Apparently I am too big to drive this tractor... but I won't stop trying!

I sure do love my "ba-pa" and my new clothes from cousin K!

This is my TRIPLE great aunt! She gave me my very own piano and purse PLUS she let me play with her walker so basically she is one cool lady!

Great Grandpa and I are practicing our serious face. We are really good at it!

Oh yea, I like to cruise the sidewalks at grandma's in this bad boy!

This is my uncle Bret and his girlfriend. I have no clue what a girl friend is, but I know I like her! They are really nice to me so I hope I can see them again soon.

Ba-pa has a shop full of tractors and big trucks. We got to go check them out. It was AMAZING! I got to sit is many different trucks and "vroommmmed" all over the place!

I sure wish I was hugging these two right now!

5.5 generations of mommy's family! Can I count Kitty as a generation? What is a generation?

4 generations at the farm!

This is a very exciting piece of paper. Mommy said it was like an "adoption ultrasound" whatever that means. I guess we got lots of money from an adoption tax refund and now I can become a brother some day. I sort of like being spoiled so I think I will be hard to care handle for a while so that they don't make me a brother too quickly!

This is me at the barber shop. This guy taught be to bump knuckles so he is pretty cool. He is WAY better at cutting hair than mommy and daddy!

I am always working... I washed all the letter magnets for mommy. I even washed some of the floor too! I am mommy's big helper!


*note from mommy* The next photos are from Brandon's family's visit!

Yes, I admit that I used to be terrified of stuffed animals. Kids do silly things. Now I LOVE Kitty so much! I learned that Daddy had a cat named Kitty too and I got to meet him. He is sort of creepy, but I didn't show too much fear!

Hanging out with my cousin A and his mommy! His mommy is my daddy's sister AND my aunt. It is super confusing, I know!

It started raining during the street fair, but we still had a good time. Uncle C even got a fire hat!

Our family by the big lake... the lake is really behind us, trust me, I can't see it either but I know it is there. Yes, I know I look angry. I just like to do that in group photos. It is sort of my thing. I really do love my family.

Some of my favorite hands to hold! Walking in the sand at the beach. I am not sure how I feel about sand.

A and I had a GREAT time in the bath. We were dunking our heads under and splashing like crazy. I even washed A for a while. It was my best bath ever. I hope we can do that again soon. Sadly, they all got in the blue van and drove far away. I miss all my people!