Sunday, April 2, 2017

Home Depot Builders Take One!

Each month on the first Saturday of the month Home Depot opens it doors to families and allows them to come in and do a FREE make and take project.  We have known about this for years but have never actually been able to get there to do it.  If I was a very up to date blogger I would be showing you the photos from yesterday's event, but I admit... these are the photos from the March building day.  Way to go Home Depot!  What a brilliant way to create memories and learn skills!

The kids came home thrilled with their new rain gauges.  They were both sporting their new aprons and project pins and were so proud of their morning.  They were hoping they could do another project the following day.  They had great fun at yesterday's event as well.  The photos of that project will post too... eventually. 
T: Using the hammer was my favorite!
M: This was a pretty big deal.  I needed to focus a lot. 

T: James was my brave helper.

M: This was actually kind of fun. 

The kids ran into their buddy L.  Check out her apron.  She has done a few projects!

M and T:  We both loved the painting. 

T: Actually, the painting was my favorite.  I liked mixing the colors. 

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