Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Two kids, no parents, a week of adventure!

We went to Mexico last month and left our kids in the frozen north.  You can read our our trip HERE.  Our kids had a BLAST at home with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Judy. I worked for weeks to plan fun activities and the grands brought lots of fun things along and they all had a wonderful week together!  We feel so blessed that our kids were able to have this special week with their grandparents.  Besides the pictures you see below they went out to eat at THREE of their favorite places, went swimming at the Y, and went bowling.  They had a very eventful week!  

Some of these photos might be out of order.  

The day we left for Mexico the kids had a big snowstorm.  We are thankful for a great neighbor who brought over a snowplow and for our eager shoveler son! 

Monday and Tuesday pictures (and maybe one from Sunday) feature shoveling, experiments, playing in the snow, and hosting playgroup!

Working hard on our welcome home gift. 

On Wednesday morning T went to story time.  In the afternoon M did volcanos.  That evening the kids got fake mustaches for iGnite!  

Thursday was T's 100's day of school so she got to wear PJ's and bring a blanket and stuffed animal.  Her Perfect day!

On Friday Grandpa Tom was a mystery reader in M's classroom.  He was so thrilled!  T got to do her monthly story/art time at the real gallery.  

On Saturday the kids went to their first ever movie in a real theater.  They were very excited to do this!  What a special thing to do with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Judy. 

I am not sure if she is engaged!

They both ended up on Tom's lap.

Sunday after church the kids did some playing and got ready to pick us up at the airport.  They were very excited to see us.  T worked hard on a special project for us all week.  So sweet.  IT was fun to have reunion in the airport!

Brandon's aunt sent them mail!

Both kids showing their emotions... anticipation and anxiety. 

A sweet reunion!

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