Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Literally" Funny!

Our M is a hoot and a hand full these days.  I know that my memory fades quickly so I have to tell a couple of cute M stories while I can remember them (and while my kiddos are asleep). 

On Monday T had a horrible messy diaper... seriously she surpassed M in that one and M had the bar quite high.  M was so excited about the whole "nasty" experience.  When I was opening up the diaper he said, "Wow, this is an amazing parade."  I have no idea what that means, but when I asked him yesterday to remind me what he had said he repeated it so apparently it is a way for a 3 year old to express when something is really really great! 
Monday night Brandon had a meeting at church so we were trying to get M to finish his lentils.  He had taken his final huge bite when something happened.  I think that it was innocent in the start.  M spit out a tiny bit of his lentils... then noticing our reaction decided to go crazy spitting them everywhere... on himself, the floor, and daddy.  I had no idea he could store all that in his mouth.  I took him to the bathroom to get cleaned up.  I filled the sink with water and turned around to get a washcloth.  I came back to see that a clean hand towel had been dropped into the sink... Mama was not a happy camper. 

A few minutes later we are back in the kitchen and M is asking for his Bible (Jesus Storybook).  It is on the counter near him so Brandon hands it to him and says something like, "Maybe you can talk with Jesus about what you did." or "Maybe you can learn to make better choices from reading this." or something like it.  We can't remember what Brandon said.  We know it wasn't mean but possibly a bit sarcastic. 

M set the Bible on the table and started at the beginning flipping through looking for Jesus.  He had only made it to Noah so I said to keep on flipping.  He was going one page at a time and getting frustrated. I was on the floor cleaning up M's mess and then T's mess.  I flipped to Jesus with the loaves and fishes.
Me: There is Jesus.
M No mom, I need BIG Jesus.
Me: That is big Jesus, but you can keep flipping if you want.
M:  I want Jesus on the cross
I  am continuing to clean the floor
M:  Jesus is carrying the cross
Me: Well you are almost there
M:  (with excitement) Here is Jesus on the cross.  (pauses and takes a deep breath, looks straight at Jesus and stands tall in his chair)  Jesus I need to talk to you. I am sorry that I spit my lentils all over the floor and all over daddy.  That was a bad decision.  I was wrong.  I put a towel in the sink.  That was wrong too.  I am sorry.  I won't do it again.  (closes the Bible and then says to me) Mommy, I just talked with Jesus about what I did wrong. 

My heart just melted and the joy that was gone returned.  My son gets confession (in a literal and 3 year old way).  He also gets forgiveness because he knew that Jesus died on the cross to pay for the bad decisions we make. 

We are so thankful for Jesus!  That day in Jesus Calling I read Jesus reminder that He is with us.  Though out the day I kept saying out loud and to myself, "You are with me Jesus." It was a fitting way to end the dinner time mess with a 3 year old reminder of the Holy Spirit here in our home, interceding, and answering prayers I can't think to pray.

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