Thursday, May 10, 2018

He is Alive!

It was a special blessing to celebrate Jesus' Resurrection with our church family!  The time leading up to Easter and Easter Day are always pretty crazy, but there are blessings in the midst of the crazy.  The biggest blessing is that Jesus didn't stay dead!  He was victorious over death and He IS victorious in our lives!  

This year Easter was on April 1st.  This means I am officially writing about an event that occurred last month!!!  I am slowly catching up on the blog!

The day started with the kids watching a Resurrection movie while I showered and baked a banana bread.  Then we went over to church for the Easter breakfast.  

YUMMY!  Pickles and Jelly Beans!  

Don't let T's first plate of food fool you... I learned that she eventually did eat egg bake.  How did I learn this?  She told me when she was sitting on the toilet struggling... she can't have dairy but has no self control!  Oh this girl!!!  

I was so thankful that the kids were willing to pose for a photo after the second service.  It was fun to be surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers!
A family photo!!!!

After church we relaxed at home for much of the day.  Actually, Brandon and M did more relaxing than T and I.  Brandon and M both took naps. T had a rough patch where she really missed her "China mom and dad" as she calls them.  We decided to look through all our photos from China and then look at some of the things in her China box.  T decided to try on her "gotcha day outfit."  Her outfit was huge on her when we met her.  She was 11 months old and weighed 14 pounds.  She is now 6 and weighs about 31 pounds and can still fit into the outfit!  She was very proud to wear it!

T: It's a little short, but it fits!

T: Do I look like a Chinese baby? 

She also tried on all of her Chinese dresses and still fits into her smallest one.  She is very petite!!!  

We might have started an amazing tradition this year!!!  For our Easter dinner we grilled steaks and hamburgers and had oven fries and onions and fruit The kids had fancy glasses with actual juice.  It was a great meal to end the special day and celebrate the end of Spring Break as well!

Let's Eat!

Silly Faces!!!

The kids were a little put off by the whole not doing anything candy/gift related for Easter.  I am a little put off by doing something, but we compromised!  I hid a few dozen eggs with little candies inside of some of them and the Resurrection Egg things in 12 of them.  After we found them we talked through the Holy Week objects and ended our day on a good note!

T: I love hunting for eggs!

T: I am super fast.  

T: I wanted them all!!!

M: I only got a couple of them!

T: It was fun to sort the eggs and tell the Resurrection story!

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