Friday, July 11, 2014

Everything Spring - Photos

A lovely mix of photos from April and May of the kiddos.  This is such a broad mix of events from Easter, to a late snowfall, to bath time, to kites, to prom 15 years later!  It is so fun to look at these photos and see the JOY that we have even in the midst of some harder stuff!

In mid April we woke up to SNOW on the ground.  We were not super impressed, but decided to make the most of it.  Both kids wore snowman shirts and I wore snowman socks.  It almost made us feel in the Christmas spirit again haha.

M & T:  We are not fans of this snow... it is supposed to be Spring!

M & T: At least we have super fun shirts to wear! 

The kids and I were looking through some old photo albums of me growing up.  They found this photo of me in a fancy dress.  It had the date on it and it happened to be exactly 15 years after the photo was taken.  That night I threw my weary self back into the dress.  It still fit perfectly.  I decided to take a 15 years later photo.  I think I am doing pretty well, esp since the older pic involved a professional doing my hair and makeup and the new pic involved no makeup and hair in a pony tail.

15 years ago, just look at that fresh face!

Today, not so fresh, but look at the sweet photos behind me that caused the weariness.  So Worth It!  (Yes, I did try to strike the pose in the photo above.  Not sure why.  I guess so you would have to figure out which was which haha)

What?  This doesn't happen at your house?!

I wanted to get a few shots of my kids in the tub.  I wanted to get some that didn't expose privates, but showed my beautiful children.  Amazingly without them knowing that is what we were going for, it happened.  I love these photos because they show my children's beautiful skin and my lovely yellow bathtub haha about the bathtub, though I honestly don't even notice the color anymore.  I am always amazed when I bathe them how close their skin shades are.  T is darker complected than many Asians and M lighter than many Africans.  I guess this might be why people frequently ask us if they are twins... seriously, they do. 

My "twins" both years apart on different continents with different bio parents.

T: This bath water is delish  M:  I am going to race these balls. 
I stink at lying so I am just going to come right out and tell you.  These Easter pics are fake.  The two family photos were taken a couple of weeks after Easter because Easter was so busy that we didn't get time to take a family photo.  The pics of T climbing on the ladder were are only true Easter pics.  Yes, M's shirt is all wet.  What can I say, he loves to chew shirts :)

Happy Easter 2014

Easter with a little giggle and cheese!

T: Mom, I promise I can keep this dress clean.

T: This is what I do when someone tells me to smile.  Awesome now.  Later I will wonder why I did this.

T: Just in case things get a little rough on the changing table, my head will be safe. 

M took an interest in drawing this Spring.  Before this he only scribbled (and maybe after too since it has been a while since he has done this).  One day he said he wanted to draw a person and this is what he drew.  He had been writing his name for about a month.  I did a post about it, but drafted it due to the name thing.  I am just going to go ahead an post one. 

M's first person!

M: I can't believe I did this!  His name and his family!

One more person!
The kids and I bought Brandon kites for his Birthday.  We thought it would be a super fun thing for them to do together.  We actually bought three because M insisted that they all needed them.  Well, I guess we have a spare if one breaks.  Our Spring was so cold, but finally the kids could wait no longer and we went for it.  They loved it.  We all loved it.  T got quite cold so she and I hung out in the van for a while to warm up and watch. 

Let's Go Fly A Kite!!!!!

M: Look Mom, I can do it all by myself!

My beautiful family.

M: Can you tell how intense it was?  Well, it was pretty intense.

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