Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fall Getaway!

This fall we joined my family for a weekend adventure.  Actually we were there only 24ish hours, but we will call it a weekend.  The rented a condo and our family and my brother's family joined them.  We had many special moments playing together!  Besides all the things we did, we somehow managed to eat tasty food too. We had many intense moments, but the pictures remind me of treasured memories.

M brought his football so there was much football playing.  He had recently learned how to throw a spiral and wanted to show off his skills!

Team huddle in progress
I love these photos of my dad and M.   They are so sweet and I just couldn't decide which one to post so I am sharing them all.  Also, the conversation is totally fake and written based on the gestures in the photos ;)

"Grandpa, what are you looking at?"

"I see a squirrel over there."  "Where Grandpa?"

"Here, sit on my lap and I will help you find it."
M was a BIG talker about mini-golfing.  It turns out it takes a lot of concentration and patience... not super exciting for my 5 year old boy.  However, at least one person testified with him that he got a "hole in one" miracle shot.

"Um, which one do I hit it into?"

"OK, how does this work again?"


The place my parents stayed had a small water park type center.  It was perfect for our kids.  The "big" slide was just the right length to be thrilling and also short enough for them to go all by themselves.  I was so proud of each of them. 

Here comes M!

Here's T!

Such a big girl!  Such a happy girl!

Happy boy!!!  He never tired of the slide!

In an effort to pack A LOT into a little time we decided to go to a "pumpkin farm."  Once we arrived we realized that the pumpkin part was quite small and the play area was quite large.  We had a great time playing on different things, feeding animals, and chasing kids.  It started to rain just as we were about to go.  This made the perfect escape plan.  Fun memories!

22 pounds of muscle!  This girl's middle name is adventure!

M: I am really feeding him all my myself.  T: I want to try too!

This photo almost looks staged.  The kids had great fun racing their ducks.

T: I good goat feeder too!

T: Mom, the animals just keep coming.  M: I think we might need more food!

This has now become a full-time job!

M: Why are Daddy and Grandpa trying to get on this toy?

M: Watch out world, here I come!

Let's race!

T: Mine won't move.  M: You have to be able to reach the pedals. 

A little workout before the drive home!

Look at that focus!

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