Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Easter Egg Adventure

If you read about the egg dyeing in a previous post, you know it was not exactly a super low key high fun time.  Looking at the photos below I had to laugh.  Photos sure can be a highlight reel.  You would have no idea that things were anything but lovely. :)

T:  I wasn't sure about my paint shirt.  It was NOT my favorite color. 

M: I liked my paint shirt. 

T and M:  We are ready.  Me: I am almost done writing messages on the eggs! (I should have done this during nap time) 

T:  This is so cool! 

M: I think I will just put it in there for a second. 

T: Daddy, I like to put lots in the same bowl! 

T: OK, I need more eggs!  I have plenty of room in my bowls! 

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