Sunday, May 10, 2015

Typical is Overrated!

Why settle for ordinary in this life?  Our T embraces the unique!  She LOVES PJ's and wears multiple pairs a day.  PJ's and Princess Clothes are her main wardrobe options.  We "force" her to wear clothes to school most of the time, but every now and then she wears a PJ shirt for a shirt or under her regular shirt.  T often needs to change clothes after nap.  We hear her on the monitor opening and clothes drawers with great passion.  Most of her creations are delightful.  She has one deep conviction...  avoid a matching PJ set at all costs!  She also believes that one never really outgrows PJ's.  Sure the pants don't look like pants anymore... no big deal, they are capris... Torture for this mommy!

T: Do you like my jammas and my hair? 

Where T loves anything that DOES'NT match, M is an extreme matcher.  He will wear a red shirt with red pants and red socks and red underwear!  M has a really hard time with T getting attention for her "fancy" outfits.  You can see this going on in the photo below if you really know our family.  I ache to see the true joy and sparkle in T's eyes.  She loves her brother so much.  She sees all affection as true love.  Keep praying for us friends!

M: Hey, I'm cool too take a photo of me!  I will even put my arm around my sister.  T: Look, M loves me.  

Sometimes you get a mama victory in a round about way.  M wanted to put salt and pepper on his fried eggs.  He kept adding more and more.  I knew that he would learn a very valuable lesson.  He sure did!  He now salts with caution and never tries to put on too much.  I told him we would take a photo so we could remember this experience and we could look a the photo if he was tempted to over salt.  Today he was tempted, but looking at the photo reminded him to stop salting!

I will never do this again! 

Someone else at the table insisted on having her photo taken.  This is her classic camera smile right now!

T: I won't use too much salt either, OK? 
One evening I took the kids to get hair cuts and then we did a switch off and Brandon hopped in the van and took the kids to Erik's bike shop to pick up his bike while I made dinner.  M and T wanted to go to a park near the shop afterwards and so they did.  I guess there was one family at the park.  The family had two quiet little girls and the parents were pushing them on the swings.  Our kids hopped out of the van and ran full force screaming towards the geese to try to get them all to fly in the air or go into the river.  I guess they were quite a sight to hear and see.  The quiet family got quite a surprise.  The kids didn't stop until they successfully chased every bird away!

M and T: AHHHHH  Geese!!!!!!!

T; I will get these M! 

T: Whew, they are all off the grass!!! 

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