Friday, January 12, 2018

December 22nd Gymnastics/Playdate/Theater Fun!

This year the kids had quite a long Christmas break!  I knew I had to find some special things for them to do on those long days before Christmas.  We packed a lot of fun into December 22nd.  In the morning we picked up some friends and went to an open gyn at a gymnastics center.  Both kids climbed the rope higher than they had before. It was hard for me to get pictures because of the constant movement.  I forgot to get a group shot.  

T: I wasn't scared to drop into the pit!

M: There was no line for the trampoline!

M: Mom told me to go to the top.  I was getting really tired!

M: Almost there!

M: I made it and I rang the bell at the top!  

M: See how high up I was?!!?!

T: I went as far as the gymnastics coach said I could.

After the open gym we came home for lunch and then Charissa and her kids came over for a playdate.

A rare treasure.  M read to T while we waited for the friends to come.

After the kids had been playing for a while we told them that we were taking them to a theater to watch the movie Elf.  My kids had never seen it!  We all had so much fun.  The kids laughed SO HARD at some points.  
We were excited!

The kids were getting eaten by their chairs!

M and L ended up sharing a chair and T was on my lap.  I think that J and A both sat on Charissa's lap!  I guess we would have only needed three chairs! What a special day!  The theater had $3.50 Christmas movies so it only cost us $10.50 for the outing!  The open gym was free for parents and $5 a kid so we got a lot of fun out for a pretty small cost.

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