Thursday, December 31, 2015

Say What? Hilarious Kid Quotes

It is hard to believe that today is the last day of 2015!  What a year it has been.  I thought it would be fun to finish the year with some funny things the kids have said.  I have been storing these for a while.  The last "Say What" was in May. I think we have been a bit lazy at writing things down, but it is interesting to see the transition in "Say What" from mostly M to some of each and to mostly T.  It makes me a little sad to think that the funny things said will become less and less.  Hopefully this will make me more diligent to write each one down. 


At lunchtime we were telling Brandon about our morning walk. We told him that we saw some friends and Brandon asked if they were setting up the Kiwanis Fish booth for tomorrow (for a festival.
 M: What is the Iguana booth? 
-- While reading a book about a preacher I asked the kids if they knew anyone that was a preacher. 
M: Daddy 
T: No, my daddy is a passenger.
T's baby (doll) was crying in her crib Brandon went to ask what was going on. 
T: She wants her passenger.
Brandon: Her pastor? 
T: No, her passenger.  It fell back there (pointing behind the crib).
Brandon: Oh, her pacifier.
T: Yeah, yeah!
---M (While driving down the highway): Whoa, that police car was invisible (an unmarked police car)
T: These are the goodest gingerbread cookies I ever aten before. 
T: This is such a nice soft rug (admiring the rug in my parents bathroom).  It's like a doggie, right? 
M: Are there two kinds of salami? 
Me: What do you mean?
M: Well, there is a food salami and the salami that is in your mouth.
T: What if you had a slingshot and you could slink him? 
T (while eating a popsicle): Can I go to sleep with it please?
Me: No
T: Why not? 
T (to an egg that is cooking): Hi, fluffy birdie.  
*Note, I think it was just a coincidence, I am not sure she gets that eggs could turn into birds.
M: Did the ice get some water? I just looked and all of the sudden there was more in there. 
T: Strawberairies (Strawberries) 
T: Mom, I have a great idea.  How about for Halloween you dress like God.
Me: What dos God look like?
T: He has white fur. 
T: Stop that this instrument! 
M (eating chicken wings): How do they get the wings off chickens without scaring them?
T is often hot, or pretends she is really warm so she can undress.  She has no concept of "hot" being used to describe someone who is good looking.  Here are a few of her "hot" phrases.
T: I'm hot!
T: I'm a hot mommy, OK?
T: Take this (dress) off because I am a hot mama.
T (handing Brandon her corn on the cob): I don't like this because it has bone.
T: I have a skin rugger (a rug burn)
T: Who made the water- God or Hello Kitty?
M (while watching Mighty Ducks): There was a boy who was a really good hockey swatter who hit the pung... is that what it is called?... really hard. 
Brandon: I love you
T: I love you too
Brandon: I am glad you're my daughter
T: I am glad you're my buddy. 
(T often cries when Brandon goes to meetings because she misses her "best buddy.")
T: I lifted the slide and hurt my foot and now I have a castle on my foot like the picture of Grandpa Daryl.  (My dad did break his foot from lifting a slide.  We do have a picture of it in a photo album.)
Brandon: Your skin is so soft
T: That's why I picked it out.
T: This is me when I was a baby dog, OK? 
T (to Brandon after ice cubes fell on the floor): You're the best funny loser icer in the world. 
Me to T: Are you Chinese?
T: Yes
Me: Are you American?
T: No
Me What are you?
T: A ballerina!
T was sad that all the daffodils were dying.  Brandon told her that other flowers will start blooming soon.
T: Let's plant more dandelions.  They aren't dying!
T was talking to Brandon as he was leaving the house.
T: Give me a hug and a kiss.
Brandon gave her a hug and kiss
T: Can you give me some money?
M: Boo did, Boo did, Boo did, Boo did, Boo did swallow Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo (Who did?)
T: Where did I put the cashew register?
T: Those pictures are from Brooklyn Gardens
Me: It is actually Bookworm Gardens.
T: Book Warm?
T (to M): I saw you in the hallway at school but you were not a real M.  (She saw a picture of him.)
T: Siri-up (Syrup)

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