Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When a dream becomes reality!

Wow!!!  I have been blogging since 2008!  I have written 654 posts!  I have said for years (and years) that I would like to turn my blogs into books.  The reason I blog and post kid pictures is so that they will be able to see scrapbooks of themselves one day.  I have talked a big game.  I have never acted on my talking... until this November.  I read that Blog2print was having a 30% off sale for cyber Monday.

I decided I would go big or go home.  The deals actually ran all weekend.  I printed the first two books, but then had some questions so I messaged a consumer help person.  She answered them and gave me a 35% off coupon code.  Whoa!  I knew I would be making some big books with this code!  How thrilling! The books are not cheap and the fact that I was printing seven years worth meant it was going to be expensive.

Sadly,  every blogger in the world will try to buy books on this day making the site run like my parents dial up internet in the 1990's!  It took ten minutes to move from screen to screen.  I am not exaggerating.  I will say that most sites I was on that day were running so slowly and some parts of our area lost all internet for several hours due to high traffic.  Anyway, things were super slow.  I got frustrated with the front and back covers and just decided to print them however they were and be thankful for the incredible deal.

I learned that it is best to have your books totally ready and in your cart before a big sale so that all you have to do is purchase them on the big day.  Getting though the screens to purchase them might still take an hour, but it will be easier.

It was SO THRILLING to receive my first book in the mail.  I am a starter!  I love to start projects.  Brainstorming is one of my favorite things ever.  I stink at finishing things.  I procrastinate all the time for the silliest reasons.  To see all my words (yes, even with several errors per page) in print was awesome.  The best reward has been seeing Brandon read the photo captions to the kids in the evenings.  The photo below wasn't staged.  The both loved hearing the stories and seeing the pictures.  There were so many things I had forgotten.  I am so thankful that I wrote them down as they happened.  I am so thankful that my kids can see themselves in books.  Having the books truly has turned a dream into reality.

T and M: We love hearing about the funny things we did and said!
It makes quite a stack... and expensive, but worth it stack!  
Five books.  The best Christmas gift I have ever given myself!

I finally purchased an Essential Oils carrying case.  I love it!  It holds my oils so neatly and they don't  get messed up every single time I move them like they did in the tote!  The organizer in me could spend all day sorting by type of EO or by uses or by scent or by color of bottle... endless possibilities!

Merry Christmas to me!

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