Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brandon's Birthday Overnight.

Brandon's parents came to visit us this March.  They arrived on a Tuesday afternoon and stayed until Saturday morning.  It was a lengthy visit and a great visit.  The weather was much, much warmer than it typically is here this time of year. Lovely! Brandon and I were able to spend one night  at a friend's lake place.  It was our first time away from T and our first time away from M since we were traveling to get T.  This was all a pretty big deal. 

Tuesday -
 The morning of they arrived was bitter sweet.  We learned via text from Grandpa Tom, that their beloved dog Maggie died the night before.  Maggie had eaten raccoon poison and fought hard, but ultimately died at the Dr's office.  Our hearts broke for Tom and Judy and also for M who loved Maggie so well and so deep.  His initial reaction was not very typical, but typical for him.  He was bouncing on the coach and said, "Oh, but I am thinking about rocket ships and astronauts."  He likes to avoid deep stuff.  He continues to process his grief with waves of sadness.  He has received four cards and even a special window hanging heart that he treasures.  Our community has loved him well through this. I think it was helpful to have Tom and Judy here as he was processing things.  T was sad and wanted to draw a picture to remember Maggie.  She often talks about missing Maggie as well.

 Tom and Judy arrived on Tuesday afternoon in time to see M and T at gymnastics.  The kids were very proud to have their grandparents watch!  Judy brought her amazingly yummy veggie beef soup which was ready to go after gymnastics.  What a blessing!

Wednesday morning M went to school and T and I took Grandma and Grandpa on my walking route. T did great on her first stroller ride of the year and we all got a little workout.  During naps I worked hard to prepare Tom and Judy for our big night away.  I got packed and made lots of notes and prepped smoothies and meds and vitamins and oils.  Dinner for kids and grandparents was in one crock pot.  Dinner for Brandon and me in another crock pot and rice cooker.  Yay!  So glad that we have all these things for days like that.

After naps I continued to get things ready and the kids did science stuff with Grandma Judy.  Brandon and I made it out the door by 5:30.  The crew here was just beginning to eat dinner.  They had a quick meal and then the kids went to iGnite at church.  It was farmer night as you can tell from the photos below.  Tom and Judy were able to go out for dessert during iGnite! Bedtime went well for T and was a bit harder for M, but eventually he was also able to go to sleep.

--- Our Getaway---
Brandon and I arrived at the lake around 6:00ish and unpacked and ate.  We played games, washed some bedding, watched part of a movie, talked and just enjoyed being together.  We both fell asleep quickly and slept well.  It was glorious to not have to get up to help a child a single time all night.  It was glorious to move slowing in the morning, to read my Bible in silence, to get ready at my own pace, to catch up with Brandon. We stayed at the lake until about 3:00 the next day.  We drove home on roads we had never traveled before.  It was nice to drive through the countryside. Brandon had to work from there for a few hours Thursday afternoon.  I spent time trying to sort out iPhoto.  In the end I might have made things worse and decided to just move on, but it didn't matter what I was doing, it was special just to get away.  We are so thankful for the team of people that made this little getaway possible!

Thursday -
Back at home, Thursday started out busy.  Tom and Judy got both of the kids ready for school and on the bus on time!  Tom and Judy went to the Y while the kids were at school.  The kids had lunch and naps and we arrived right after they woke up from naps.  The kids were excited to see us and excited to wish Brandon a Happy Birthday!  M told me he had fun while we were gone, but I could not leave again for 31 years! The kids and grandparents were about ready to go swimming at the Y when we arrived.  Brandon had a meeting and I got in a walk and Pilates and had time to get unpacked before they came home.  Once home we got ready to go to our favorite place for dinner. Brandon met us there and we all feasted.  It was very busy there so it was late when we got home.  The kids were weary and went to sleep rather quickly.  Once the kids were in bed Brandon opened presents and we all had a good time chatting.

Friday was a bit intense.  The kids didn't have school.  Tom took M to Playland while the rest of us slept.  I should have gotten up and showered... I didn't.  I also didn't get clothes for M.  I also didn't give him his much needed L-theanine.  T woke up early and when M got home it was a perfect storm in our home.  There was very little regulation.  Once L-theanine and his lotion (with EO's) happened, things got a bit better.  Poor guy loves his routine and while he had done many special things in the previous days, he had some major overwhelm going on.  Luckily things turned around and I was able to get in a shower and walk and the kids played outside with Tom and Judy.  The rest of the day and the visit was pretty low key.

It was such a great blessing to have Tom and Judy here and to get to have time away with Brandon over his Birthday.  Here are some fun photos from their time here.

We love making volcanos and dancing popcorn with Grandma Judy. 

M: I tucked in my shirt, just like a farmer.  I have a hankie in my pocket, just like a farmer! 

T: M sure looks like a farmer.  I a Princess farmer! 

They must be dairy farmers with all that CHEESE!

Ready for the bus!

Reading with Grandma Judy.  

T: I love my Birthday presents!!!! I sleep with my Kitty and I wear my apron. 

M: First I learned about Dinosaurs in school and then Grandma Judy taught me even more! 

T: I love this book.  I get to talk about all the things I want to be when I grow up.  

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