Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winter Photo Overload

Oh wow!  This post could be so many many posts, but it is time to get this blog up to date so this post is attempting to do that!  Every picture is a story in itself.  I will try to explain as I ago.  Enjoy!

The first photos are an attempt to capture a really sad and messy event.  M had gone to school.  Brandon was home and I had high hopes of getting much done that morning.  T wanted some applesauce so I got it out of the fridge and opened it.  Apparently applesauce doesn't keep long in the fridge.  Apparently if you tip applesauce upside down in the fridge it will create a seal and when you open it, an explosion of fermented apple sauce will occur.  I have never seen anything like it.  Apple sauce was EVERYWHERE.  I am still finding it.  It was across the room, under things, in tiny corners, all over the walls, all over the ceiling.  If I remember correctly it took me 47 minutes to clean up.  By the time I got the mess cleaned and a casserole prepped it was time to get M off the bus.  Amazingly I kept calm and never felt frustrated.  The fermented smell in my hair all day was a bit gross, but I got over it. The lighting in the photos isn't great, but since there was apple sauce all over the window we couldn't close the blinds for a better shot.
Applesauce Anyone?

Zoom in to check out the destruction.
Sometimes there are photos that I find that I have no idea what they are about...

I am guessing they are watching birds at the feeder and squirrels collecting corn. 

T pretending to be a baby.  

With so many rounds of Strep this year, M was often sick and T was quick to want to fix him with Dr. stuff.
T: Open wide!

T: One more dose!

T: Do you like my hair?  (This is what it looked like after nap)

Brandon took the kids to the grocery store and the got to pet a lobster.  T was brave enough to touch it.  M decided to wait and see how things went with T.

T: I pet a lobster.  It fet like a lobster.  It smelled like fish. 

We made GF/DF cupcakes for M to take to school for his half Birthday.  We have a few extras so the kids had a very special snack on their playdate.  The playdate was bitter sweet as it was the last one with H and Y in our town.  H and Y now moved north.  We are hopeful to see them every once in a while.
M: I am finally 5 AND A HALF! 

M and T: We are watching a DVD (in the microwave).
Our church canceled their typical Wednesday night kids ministry one week and had a Skating party at a local skating place.  Over 85 people came out and skated.  Brandon took the kids.  The kids were not very into actually skating (I think this is as far as M made it), but they loved the play structure to climb on.  They had a fun night even if they didn't skate.

Skating might not be their favorite sport. 

T: Now I can stand!

T:  Yay, Christine is going to help me skate. 

T: Look, I am really skating!
This is how a dog princess hoarder dresses :) 

Three going on Thirteen!  I had to get a photo of her looking so grown up. 

T: The iGnite theme was polk-a-dots vs. stripes.  I wanted to represent both sides. 

We love E! 

M: Be careful T.  T: Don't worry I will be.  (And she was removed right after this photo)

One night while Brandon was at a meeting we attempted to make fluffy soapsuds like all the "good moms" who posted the link did.  It was pretty fun for a little while.  It was also dysregulating for all of us and out of our routine so we didn't really know how to handle it.  Hey, live and learn!
M: I love using this mixer.  I am never going to stop.  T: I love splashing suds everywhere! 

M has become my cooking buddy.  He really gets into helping me cook.  He does most of the hamburger browning and all the ingredient adding and most of the soup stirring.  It is super regulating for him and a great time for us to connect in a positive way!

M: I like stirring down the pasta, but the steam sure is hot. 

T often says, "You cry and I come."  This means she wants us to pretend to be the baby and she will be the mommy.  I think she also wanted Brandon to "be sick, just for tend."  When they started the hallway was empty.  As you can see from the photo, T made several trips into the family room to get Brandon all of the things a sad/sick baby must have!

T: Are you OK now baby? 

T: Don't mind me, just doing a little reading. 

I have mentioned in other posts that T loves Chinese food, right?  :)  Well, our dear friend X made T and Brandon some dumplings.  T LOVED them and ate EIGHT of them.  She really really loves dumplings.
T: Is this Chinese Food?  I love Chinese food! 

M worked two whole afternoons on this amazing Valentine for this secret Valentine.  The kids drew a name of someone in the class and then made a Valentine for them. M cut out all the hearts and glued them together.  On one side he drew a picture of him and his friend G (the recipient) and added stickers.  I asked him to tell me things he liked about G and we came up with a long list of sentences. I then wrote the sentences around the outside.  On the back side he wrote his name and G's name.  He was so very proud and I was almost sad to send the heart to school after all of his work.

M: I really hope G likes it!

M: Check out the back!

T: My cheeks hurt! 

M: I decided I needed to make a parade.  This is my flag. 

Curt and Deb... the amazing local grandparents!

Our family room blinds have not really worked properly since we moved in.  We don't mind.  We are in no hurry to fix them.  One of them falls off from time to time.  M decided to create a runway for his cars.  He also uses it with marbles.  He has races.  In the photo below, other cars are watching the race.  We love these blinds.
M: Go brown car!
T got some dolls and dollhouse parts for her Birthday.  She loves playing with the people (like she does at therapy) and having them do different things.  She knows this is a great activity to do "when M at school."
T: My family is all ready to eat! 

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