Saturday, October 17, 2015

Car Show Highlights!

A few weeks ago Brandon took the kids on a little Saturday morning outing.  One of the local car dealerships has an appreciation day each year.  They have a bounce house, a firetruck, a live band, a car show, and food etc.  Our neighbors/friends met them there.  The kids enjoyed themselves.  M impressed many with his dancing rhythm.  I think it was a full time job to keep T off of the cars!  It is a good thing they could climb in the fire truck!

Future Firefighters! 

T at the wheel!

M at the wheel!

M: This little car was cool!  T: I promise I wasn't touching the car (hmmmm)

T: Why are you holding my hand so tightly S?  M:  This is Daddy's favorite car.

M: See that brown car?  We called it a "house car" because it looks like a little house! 

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