Saturday, October 3, 2015

Back to School in Pictures!

I wrote all about M's first day of school HERE and T's first day of school HERE, but I am finally getting the photos up!

Before school actually starts the kids have a supply drop off afternoon.  This is a wonderful time for the kids to meet their teachers and get to know their classrooms.  Both kids were a bit nervous, but excited as well.  They both had quite a bit of supplies to drop off.  We had three large reusable grocery bags between the two kids. M got to do a scavenger hunt in his room so he could get to know different parts of it better.  What a great idea.  Before we left we took a quick picture with each child's teachers!

T with her teachers!

M with his teachers! 

Big Backpack and a small boy!
M's first day!  He wants to be a baseball player when he grows up!
Mom and M!

Dad and M!

Patiently waiting for the bus!

He was so happy to see his bus and his favorite driver!

T and I enjoyed extra cuddles during M's first day of school! 

He was a happy boy at the end of the day. 
T's first day of school pictures.  She wants to be a mommy mermaid and a baby mermaid and work at a church! This was the only time she has gone to school this year wearing a totally matching outfit.

So sweet! 

Such a big girl!

So proud of her big girl back pack. 

Who wouldn't be proud with a princess back pack like this! 

T and Mom!

T and Dad!

One more, because she is just so cute!

Such a big girl! 

She got right on with no problems. 

T: Look at my cool project from the Art Center! 

M had his first library day during the week of T's first day at school.  He was so proud of his first book.  It included an audio version of the book.  It was actually Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween comedy stand up sketch.  It was very funny and he listened to it over and over again.

M: I love this CD and book! 

M: I wanted to check it out the next week too! 

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