Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fire Station Open House

Earlier this month we enjoyed our annual trip to the fire station for the open house.  M anticipates this day for quite a while.  We rush home after church to change and then head down to the station.  We got to do a couple of fire truck rides, go in the big ladder lift, put out fake fires, get suckers and hats, and enjoy time with friends!  What a great hour!

M: Mommy and I got the front seat!

T: I got to sit with Daddy! 

M: We were up really high.  (I might have gotten car sick turning for this photo)

M: Mr. S helped me put out the fire!

T: Mr. S is supposed to be a school, but he came to be a fire fighter too! (Like her boots?) 

What a view! 

The boys got to sit together on a second bonus ride!

T sitting with her best friend Charissa! 

We are so thankful for great friends! 

T: I sure do love you Baby A! 

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