Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A day at the (bike) races!

One Saturday morning Brandon and the kids headed south on their bike trip.  They ended up stopping at a bike race.  The kids got all sorts of free goodies including these *awesome* cow bells!  The cow bells have been forgotten and are living on top of our fridge will all other confiscated items.  Please do not remind my children of their existence.  The kids really enjoyed cheering on the riders and I am guessing the riders, if they noticed at all, could hear the squeals of at least one of my children.  

The event also had a fire truck that kids can climb in.  Did my kids partake?  OF COURSE!  They love rescue vehicles.  They also had a bounce house and big wheels to ride.  One of our riders was interested in riding.  One of our riders was more interested in knocking over the flag on the big wheel.  Both riders were successful!

It so awesome when my crew can have a morning of fun special things to do AND have the event be free!  Win for everyone!

T and M:  Go bikers!!!!!!
M: It feels good to be behind the wheel of a fire truck. 
T and M: We are ready to go!  Who will give us a ride? 
T: Hi man?  What is your name?  (Anyone else a bit creeped out?) 

Su much fun!

Two kids in the air!

T: OK bike... GO... I am ready... why is it not going? 

M: Dad, do you think I could race this in the next round? 

T: Does this flag come off?  How do I get this flag off?  M: Dad, are these bikes for us to keep? 

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