Friday, April 27, 2018

Two museums in one day!

After a morning of swimming lessons we decided to head south and check out a couple of museums.  It was a fun way to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa! 

The first museum was a dinosaur museum.  They had some replicas that were frightening to T so we didn't stay there too long. 

A scary looking bunch!

They look so small!

M: Oh no!!!!!

T: I wasn't that scared!

After looking at the bones the kids got to do some of their own digging.

T: I wonder if we will find anything. 

T: I think I need a lab coat.

T: Now I feel more official!

T: Do I look like a scary dinosaur? 

T: I am actually a happy and silly dinosaur. 

T: I LOVED rearranging the dinosaur table!

M: Be afraid mom, be very afraid!

T: I am not quite finished!

T: Can you tell them not to let anyone touch this display?!

T: I am thankful that Grandma Kathy helped me!

After the dinosaur museum we headed a few blocks away to another museum about the history of the area.  It is very well done.  We visited it a few years ago and I liked it even more this time.

M and T: We are so glad that Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Daryl came with us!

M and T: This is one strange looking animal. 

M and T: We liked learning about the Native Americans!

The upstairs of the museum had an interesting dinosaur bird exhibit.  The kids really enjoyed the costumes.

M: I am a baby bird in the nest!

M: Now I can stand!

M: Now I can fly!
T: I can fly too!

The bird team!
The kids discovered some cool chairs that would be awesome as calm down chairs!!!!

M: I am about to go in a cocoon!

M: Just having some alone time!

M: I am being hatched!

The museum also has an interactive play area that we checked out for a while.  Each kid got to put in a penny and turn a crank and get a special smashed penny to keep.  I was sure I had photos of this, but I can't find them.  They were quite proud of their souvenirs!

When we got home it was time to eat and wind down.  My parents visit went very quickly!

T: It was fun to play a game of War with Grandma Kathy!

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