Friday, September 15, 2017

Dance Camp

The third blog installment from our "week of crazy" tackles Dance Camp.  After getting T from Safety Town and eating a quick lunch we changed into a tutu (a different one for each day of course) and drove to a church about 20 minutes away.  The large church hosts various camps throughout the summer. This year T got to do Dance Camp and Princess Camp.  I didn't get any photos from Princess Camp, but they were both very well done.  At the end of the week of camp T did a little recital performing a poms routine and a ballet routine.  She loved the teachers and loved attending the camp.  

While T attended camp I got in some great walks in the other community.  It is a lovely place and I was able to get my steps and catch my breath after the crazy VBS mornings.  After Dance Camp T and I often went shopping at one of the many fun and tasty treat places around the church.   The camp  wasn't expensive, but getting so many treats each day ended up being quite expensive. I guess it is a good thing I don't live around there!  

T was in for a big surprise the final day!  My parents came for a visit and planned it so they could arrive to see her recital.  She was excited and it was fun for them to be a part of it.  

T: My teacher was great!

T: We even got to keep the pom-poms!

T: I love the sound they make!

T: We were supposed to do a serious pose at the end!  I practiced mine all week. 

T: I loved the ballet dance and wearing my butterfly wings. 

T: Dancing is great!

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