Thursday, September 28, 2017

It's T time all the time!

This summer was a very T filled summer for me.  Many times the days got long, but I kept reminding myself that the season with my sidekick would be short and soon she would be going to summer school and Park each day and I need to treasure up these times.  

T started out with lots of activity as I have previously written about, but once the crazy week was over she didn't have too much going on.  She did go to Princess Camp in late July and attended a morning 5 Day Club (with M) during the following week. The rest of her time was spent hanging out with me.  

Our mornings were usually filled with walking dates and park dates with friends!  Our afternoons were filled with trips to libraries, pools, and special playdates with older girls.  We were able to attend some incredible library programs and watched magic shows, comedy shows, dance parties, animal shows, and learning about other nature.  T and I really enjoyed the library programming.  T also enjoyed getting LOTS of books.  We had almost 100 books in our home at a time for most of the summer.  I did a lot of reading and we got in many hours of cuddle time!  We also baked and had tea parties.  We played school and family and store and restaurant and thousands of other games.  T also added weekly private OT to her schedule and we learned a lot about her strong body and all the heavy work she needs to be successful! 

I want to write a bit more about T's special playdates.  Before the summer started I was pretty nervous about how I would get things done with T around.  She does NOT like to share me with home keeping or dinner prep.  She sees me as her BFF ready to play at all times.  When we have limited time together this works out OK, but it wouldn't fly for the whole summer. I came up with a great plan.  I hired three young "big" girls (around 3-5th grade) to be buddies to T for the summer.  Each girl came one afternoon a week and I was here the whole time.  One of the girls ended up only being able to come twice, but the others each came five times! They PLAYED together and enjoyed each other and the bigs got great pre-babysitting experience (and some spending money) and I got time to clean up the house and prep dinners.  It was lovely!  It was such a win for our whole family!  I know we will do this again next summer!!!

Here are some pictures from special moments throughout the summer. 

T had a GREAT time at the 5 Day Club.  It was so well run!  She loved the end of the week party and was proud of her faceprint!

T: Do you see my flower? 

Princess Camp was held at an area church and our special princess fit right in with the other girls in the class.  It was so sweet to hear about what she learned and the teachers were very generous to share special princess things with T!
T: Do you like my new wand? 

T: I am ready to be fancy!

T: I asked mommy to pose just like me!

T: We are buddies! 

T: I love to play/eat!

One Sunday we had a Dedication party/Graduation party/Birthday party all on the same day.  T decided to bring some cards along so she could play War with others at the party!  What a hoot!

T: Doris knew how to play War!

T: Sometimes we like to enjoy sun together!

T: Check out this bracelet I got from the library!

T: This is N!  She is one of my special big girl playdate friends!

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