Sunday, June 25, 2017

A date and a party

One night while M and I were at therapy AND eating out T and Brandon decided to go out to eat too. This time T decided to dress up for the occasion.  Yes, that is her mermaid costume.  

T: Daddy, your date is ready.
She thought she was ready but then remembered that she hadn't put on any make-up.  I can go an entire year without wearing make-up, but T needed it for her date with Daddy!

T: OK, now I am ready.  I have my "nake-up" on. 

They started heading to the car and she remembered she really was not ready.  She needed to go back to the house for her phone and keys.  This is more like her mama.  I do tend to run back to the house for a few things each time.

T: OK, now I am really, really ready!

Around the same time our family was invited to a graduation party.  M and I were doing other things so Brandon took T.  She made an awesome card for the graduate and had a great time with the people at the party.  She loves to meet new people and always brings a little extra sparkle to the party!!!  The inside of the card had an awesome note too, but since it contains full names I left it off the blog.

T: This is what the card looked like.  I drew the lady walking the dog and Daddy drew the tree. 

T: Ready to go to the graduation party!

T: I got to sign in on this special thing. 

T: I used a couple of colors. 

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