Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Last Day... of 4K and 1st Grade

T finished with 4K on June 1st.  M finished first grade on June 2nd.  T and I were able to go to M's school the final day to be the "mystery reader."  I gave his teacher clues and the kids guessed who would be there.  M was thrilled to have me read and T was eager to participate as well. 

M's last day of school was a half day.  The weather was amazing and we decided to go to the Lake for a swim.  I didn't take the camera, but there were MANY dead fish (or dying fish) caught and lots of fun had.  Summer 2017 Here we come!!

Ready to read to the almost 2nd Graders. 

First Day!

Last Day!!!

First Day!

Last Day!!!  He has grown SO MUCH this year!

M did a LOT of math this year!  Two completed books!  

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