Saturday, June 3, 2017

Spring Concert

In early April T had a Spring Concert. Getting T ready for a concert is quite a task.  I picked out 3 spring dresses that would have been perfect.  They were shot down immediately.  After much compromising from both parties we settled on her mermaid Halloween costume tail skirt and a worn and faded well loved tank top.  She felt beautiful and she surely sparkled. 

Once we finally decided on the wardrobe we had to tackle the hair.  She wanted it curled.  I dug out my old curling iron which was purchased in the 1990's and got to work.  Her hair only holds curl for a few minutes, but she loved it. 

The concert was super sweet.  Being small has perks as T was front and center on the stage.  She belted out every song just like the Christmas concert.  It will be exciting to see her love for singing and crowds grow as she grows. 

T: I loved getting fancy for my show!
T: I told Mommy to stand with her toe pointed just like me so we could be twins. 

T: I am so glad that my Curt and my Deb came to the show!

T: I love to sing!

The whole group of 3K, 4K, and 5K students.  

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