Wednesday, June 14, 2017

M's wonderings

Yes M, this post is all about you!  You are a curious, hilarious, deep thinking, book loving guy and you have many a wonder each day.  It is so much fun for me to see you love reading and learning.  This week we read two chapter books and many picture books.  No matter how much you read on your own, I will always treasure our read aloud times. 

Here are a few photos of your wonderings. 
M:  I wonder if I can read a World Record book on the floor of the pharmacy... Yes,  I can!

M: I wonder if my shirt tastes good... Yes, apparently it does to  me. 
M: I wonder if the book will be more interesting upside down. Yes... I think so. 

M: I wonder if I can make something cool out of Daddy's tire tube. Nope... it is actually not a safe toy after all. 

M: I wonder if I look like Santa with my shirt like this (he truly asked us this).  No.... now that I see the picture I guess I don't look quite like him. 

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