Friday, June 30, 2017

This and That

A completed goal feels great!  30 blog post in one month!  I am ending the month with a post of various photos.  None of them are too new.  None of them seemed to find a home with other posts.  We have had a very special June with many special June events to blog about AFTER I unplug from the blogging/FB world for a few days over the long 4th of July weekend.  

A random highlight worth noting... it was the first June by the Lake that we haven't had to run the furnace.  Every other year we end up waking up one morning to a house of 63 degrees and decide to at least blitz the furnace a tiny bit!  I guess we had a warmer than average June.  

Ok... on to the photos. 

M got two new pairs of shoes and they came with free tattoos.  He was eager to wear ALL the tattoos at once!  
M: This looks great!

Close up!

We put T's booster seat on night for a potluck and she insisted it stay on and that we add the tray.  She is continuing to eat with the booster (the kids like being up higher at the table) but the tray only lasted for one meal.
T: Sometimes I pretend to be a baby. 

A VERY full Burley cart.  Both kids went with Brandon and they "needed" to bring many treasures. 

T: My forehead felt like it needed something. 

Loving Uno!

After a LATE night the kids suddenly began getting along and sharing pineapple.  Worth documenting!

PJ night at iGnite with 4 of his classmates!  So special to have such a special group of friends. 

M and T: We got Mommy some flowers for Mother's Day. 
Roadwork update... street still not finished!
M: This would be a bumpy road to bike on!

T: I LOVE IT when Mommy colors with me!

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