Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I thought we were only going to throw stones...

We have a pretty low key Memorial Day.  We decided to go on a hike on Monday and our hike ended without any Lake views.  We didn't realize that all of the spring rains made the path to the lake a mud pit.  It was pretty horrible, so we ended up turning around.  

On the way home we decided to stop at a local beach so the kids could "throw stones" in the water.  That was all.  It was much too cold we told them.  We will not be getting in the water we told them.  We are not wearing swimsuits... We have no towels... We have no sand toys... See a theme? Then... the water called them.  They needed to go in.  They needed to take off layers of clothes.  They needed to get soaked.  Brandon and I quickly remembered that this happens every year!  We need to always assume they will get wet and put them in swim gear even if it is cold.  

T was THRILLED to see one of her best friends from 4K.  M was thrilled to find my small dead fish to catch and play with.  We later learned that one of his school buddies had been their earlier in the day and played with the same dead fish.  

Brandon and I left the beach sandy, wet and frustrated, BUT the kids left the beach smiling and dreaming of the summer ahead.  Living a few blocks from the lake has a few costs, but wow, I still can't believe we get to live here.  There are SO MANY benefits!

M:  It is MY dead fish!

T:  I can't believe that E was at the beach!

M: "Let's take this home and cook it into some salmon."  (actual quote)

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